The secrets of call tracking: all about virtual numbers and the right choice of provider


    Not so long ago, Siliconrus published an article by Phillipp Konzarenko: “Case from Russia: Why call tracking is needed and how to apply it in your project” . Alas, this topic is rather new for the CIS market. In this connection, many questions arise about:

    • where to buy virtual numbers ?;
    • which provider is better ?;
    • with a significant difference in price, is there a difference in quality between the virtual number of Moscow between provider A and provider B?

    And many, many other questions from which the head goes around.

    As a result, to understand what, where and how much, to become a rather difficult task. I would like to clarify this situation a bit and offer some options of providers worthy of trust.

    Let's start with the main one. Namely, with frequently asked questions.

    Problem questions about virtual numbers.

    What is a virtual number?
    If you go in the abstruse way, then open Wikipedia and read that "... this is the service of telephone service companies. This number does not use the equipment of the subscriber, but allows you to remotely connect to the equipment of the company." Pffff, my brain is already boiling, and you? In simple terms, this is the same phone number as the one that is connected to the “handset” on your desk. But:
    • minus the cost of the master Vasya to connect it;
    • minus the cost of U-PBX (because all the glands and admins on the salary are at the provider of your connection);
    • minus the costs of paperwork to obtain rights to the number;
    • plus to the choice of number (sitting in Chelyabinsk in 20 minutes we buy a Moscow number and do not have to go anywhere);
    I hope this arithmetic is clearer.

    What are virtual numbers?
    Bison remember the pop song from the 90s “Girls can be different: black, white, red” (if you remembered the name of the group within 30 seconds, congratulations - you are a bison. So the numbers are a little different, but not by color, but by purpose.

    There are virtual numbers for:
    • Calls. You accept the number of any country from the operator’s list and make calls.
    • Permanent SMS. For those who are used to receive a lot of messages and respond to them.
    • Disposable SMS. For those who like to remain anonymous when registering on social networks and for marketing campaigns.
    • Free calls (number 0 800/8 800 or also called toll-free). Indispensable if you have your own call center or customer support department.

    What features can a virtual number provide?
    In addition to calls and SMS sending, the capabilities of virtual numbers can be expanded by connecting black and white lists of numbers, recording a voice greeting, etc. A complete list of available features must be checked with your service provider.

    Is any virtual number suitable for call tracking?
    Yes, unless of course you bought an SMS number to receive calls.

    What documents are needed to connect a virtual number?
    In 80% of cases, none. However, when buying virtual numbers in Europe and some US states, you may be asked for a copy of a document proving your identity.

    We started advertising and moved to another office, will the numbers work further?
    Of course. The virtual number is like an immortal pony. While you are moving, he will work, work and work. At the same time, there will be no need to re-sign a bunch of pieces of paper, as is the case with a regular phone number, in order to issue it to another address.

    I have decided. How do I choose the right provider?
    In principle, any provider is suitable for you. It’s impossible to evaluate its quality on the site, as beautiful cover does not mean the quality of communication. The most important thing you can do is:
    1. Request demo mode. Try for some time to make several calls in the directions you need. Such a service is provided either for free or for little money. If the provider does not have it and you do not know anyone who would use it, it is better not to deal with it.
    2. Clarify whether the provider works directly with local telecom operators or through intermediaries. This affects the quality of voice transmission. If the provider has a direct contract with officials in the country where you want to buy the number, they will often tell you about it openly. If not, cooperation is in question. There is another possible check:
    3. check the quality of communication. If both sides of the conversation hear each other perfectly, then the provider works in 90% of cases directly with suppliers. If the connection quality is poor, there are clicks, crackles, noises, etc. - obviously, the service is provided through a series of intermediaries, with their traffic routers. Such arrangements are not always legal, and you can be left without a connection at any time.

    Well, sorted out with educational program. Now I would like to understand whose services are worthy of attention. I offer my proven top, whose numbers were used by themselves or who were recommended by colleagues from other companies. I want to clarify that the opinion of the author of the article is based on personal experience and it may differ from the experience of other participants. Constructive criticism, useful links and recommendations are welcome. Flood is not welcome.

    TOP 7 providers of virtual numbers for call tracking.

    In this list, there were deliberately not used big names like Skype, because there are a fairly large number of providers that provide services of the same, or even better, quality at significantly more attractive prices. Below are well-established companies whose services are available for purchase in the CIS market.

    1) Freeje

    Market: Europe, CIS
    Price segment: low.
    Features: this service offers a mobile application that works like a mobile telephone exchange. The ability to "on the go" manage all acquired virtual numbers and additional lotions to them, directly from your smartphone.

    2) Hottelecom

    Market: Russia, CIS, Europe.
    Price segment: low.
    Features: a huge number of virtual numbers from around the world, including and exclusive destinations. They constantly offer promotions and discounts for both popular and growing directions. Good selection of CIS rooms.

    3) Almostfreecalls

    Market: Europe
    Price segment: Below average.
    Features: a resource for those who are expanding their business in Europe. Large selection of rooms and reasonable prices.

    4) Just VoIP

    Market: Europe
    Price segment: Low.
    Features: when paying for a subscription to certain areas, you can call a number of countries around the world for free on landline numbers (does not apply to the whole country, but to certain areas).

    5) Telphin

    Market: Russia
    Price segment: medium
    Features: a good selection of virtual numbers in Russia + reasonable prices.

    6) Telnum

    Market: Europe, USA
    Price segment: medium
    Features: a small provider from the USA. Large selection of rooms, including There are also popular numbers in the CIS in Russia and Kazakhstan. Quick connect.

    7) Virtual-number

    Market: Russia
    Price segment: Low
    Features: Russian service with a wide selection of rooms and good call quality.

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