10 ways to “fill up” the interview

    There are a thousand ways to leave a negative impression on the first interview. We have selected the most effective for you.

    Method # 1

    Come to the interview half an hour later and do not warn in advance about being late. It’s even better to come an hour earlier and go into every open door, introduce yourself and remind yourself. Let the interviewer understand that you know your worth.

    Method # 2

    Let you remember at first sight! Remember that you are greeted by “clothes”. Dress provocatively. We will recommend more cosmetics, toilet water and jewelry to the girl. A young man - come in a tracksuit. Show that you exercise and keep healthy. To consolidate the effect, run in a tracksuit from home to office.

    Method # 3

    During the interview, show interest in the potential employer! First of all, at the interview ask what the company is doing and what the unfamiliar word means in the job title.

    Method # 4

    Don’t even think about taking a printed resume with you! Hint to the interviewer that he himself had to take care of this. Well, or any other secretary.

    Method # 5

    During the interview, do not try to turn off the mobile phone. Suddenly, mom will call you! Family is sacred, and some kind of interview is not a hindrance to take a few minutes to talk. HR must appreciate that you are a family man. Such people are needed in the team! After talking with mom, do not apologize to the specialist. It's my pleasure!

    Method # 6

    Embellish your achievements, cheat on education and experience, come up with an amazing career path story ... and then confuse the details of your story.

    Method # 7

    Speak badly about your past employer. Use the word tyrant. Blame the boss for your failures. Pretend to be a cute sheep - it always works! They will believe you!

    Method # 8

    Be arrogant. Show that they need you more than you need them. Become a leader in the conversation, do not be afraid to interrupt the interviewer, he is here for you, do not forget about it!

    Method # 9

    When the turn comes to your questions to the HR specialist, first of all ask what your salary will be, and in how many months it will increase. Prove yourself as a business person!

    Method # 10

    End the interview before the interviewer does. Let us know that you have several meetings ahead and are waiting for you elsewhere. Say goodbye quickly, say you are waiting for their call and are ready to start work on Monday. If you notice bewilderment on the face of HR, it means that he is discouraged and fascinated! In the bag. Keep it up!

    Want to get an interview, but don’t know how? We will tell.

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