The Future of MDN - Focus on Web Docs

    In the wake of the growth of the Mozilla Developer Network towards a much larger body of documentation, not only for the company's products (Firefox, Gecko, etc.), it was decided to permanently change the focus of the project and focus on open Web technologies. / Flickr / Southbank Center / CC The very update of the name from “MDN” to Web Docs is due to the fact that the project is not actually a “network (for) developers”, and the main traffic (about 95%) falls on sections, which are not related to the company's products. One way or another, the company decided not to abandon the historical value of the abbreviation and referred to the experience of IBM and KFC. What does the presented version of the new logo look like:

    This reformatting of the project is also due to the fact that the company plans to offer a more convenient and understandable interface with the ability to navigate through common sections. This will help to exclude situations when a developer gets a link to the XUL documentation in the search results on the topic CSS ( an example with CSS Grid and XUL Grid from a company post).
    The company plans to release the first versions of the updated sections of the project’s website in beta testing. For feedback on the topic, participation in the corresponding program is required . A discussion of the project and related changes is available here .

    The general direction of development is moving towards content for developers and improving the usability of it. As examples of the latter, the company cites the placement of examples in the header of articles and editable snippets in the body of the document. This move will save time on parsing more detailed versions of a particular documentation.

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