The politician tried to use the law on the “right to oblivion”, which has not yet entered into force

    Despite the fact that the so-called “law on the right to oblivion” has not yet entered into force, people have already appeared who are trying to use the provisions of the law in their interests. So, the director of the NP "Information Culture" Ivan Begtin in his Facebook said that he received a request to remove "irrelevant information" from his site from one of the former candidates for deputies, writes Tjournal. At the same time, according to Begtin, the resource only published a research base on the composition and candidates of the 2011 Duma.

    After the request, Begtin asked to confirm the identity of the author of the appeal, as well as provide a link to a specific law, according to which the politician wants to delete his information.

    The founder of NextGIS project Maxim Dubinin also took part in the discussion of this issue. He said that he was threatened with a court "for disclosing personal data received - attention, drum roll - from the Moscow open data portal".

    “Our service, which monitors the portal and archives all changes, saved what seemed to the person wrong. Is there enough popcorn for everyone, ”Dubinin said.

    Recall that the corresponding bill was adopted by the State Duma in third reading on July 3. This law will come into force after being signed by the president from January 1, 2016.

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