Abstract of the day off. 45 manager tattoos

    45I present to your attention another weekend synopsis , which today will be just a mini-review. I hasten to share a completely non-typical business book. I’ll immediately make a reservation with the popular Nlpersky saying that “a map is not a territory”, and in the context of this article it only means that my short story will not be able to convey all the advantages of the original, which is why I did not post a compendium.

    So, “45 manager tattoos” by Maxim (Combat) Batyrev . Firstly, the book was published by a well-known publishing house , the work of which I always pay great attention to, and I admit this time they surpassed themselves.

    What is not typical and pleasantly surprised by the book?

    The author is a current Russian practitioner. All this could be completed, but I will allow myself to describe a little more.

    Often people who already retire from business begin to write books, which almost always pursues earnings as their goal. In this case, it seems to me that the author wrote the book only for the next test of his strength, and at the beginning of the book Maxim himself makes it perfectly clear. This approach is often covered with a thick layer of pathos, and I admit, at first skeptically folding the eyebrows with a house, I continued reading. How amazed I was when I realized that there was no double meaning! Combat really wrote the book just for fun. The secret ingredient is real stories, experience, mistakes and work to fix them, principles and recommendations that you want to believe. Especially when you consider the fact that I had to deal with many of the things described in the book myself. But what I expected in the book is not. No moralizing and reinforced concrete axioms,

    Recently, one must admit a rather long, high title of manager in Russia is defiled. At our place, managers are called anyone, but not those who really are. After all, a manager is a manager, whose main task is to manage people. Throughout the reading, I did not let go of the vague sense of surprise of the author from the lack of understanding by many people of this simple and seemingly elementary thought. And here it seems to me that you can bring one of Maxim’s “tattoos”.

    “What is obvious to you is not obvious to others”

    The fact is that Maxim studied at a military university, where absolutely everything is saturated with the essence of control and management. So what is almost as natural for him as breathing is not very obvious to many others. Although he did not graduate from college, the training was not in vain, and almost all of Maxim’s principles described are growing legs just from here, not without reason his nickname is “battalion commander”.

    To be honest, first of all in the book I was attracted by the main metaphor. The principles and experience gained are transformed into “tattoos” on the human body. It was such an interesting metaphor of experience that bribed me to purchase and read this book. The structure of the book is based on the principle of the Bushido samurai code, first the thesis (“tattoo”), and then explaining the parable. The result was 45 chapters, “tattoos”.

    Pleasantly surprised by the absolute non-ultimate narrative. Maxim Batyrev does not claim to be the ultimate truth, but describes real cases that may be useful to someone, but will not help someone. In general, business literature is now in great favor with us, but, unfortunately, while foreign sources prevail, although there is nothing to be done about it, we have not so long ago come to a market economy. This, applied to Russian business, is very addictive. Yes, we like to read about the successes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other foreign experts, but no matter how wonderful it is, foreign models almost never fit into the domestic Procrustean bed, then marketing is longer, then sales stick out. And very often from a harmonious borrowed system it turns out that it is absolutely not working, a miserable and miserable stub.

    All the “tattoos” of the battalion commander reminded me very much of the army experience that was not alien to me. As we were told during the service, the charter of the garrison and guard service was written in the blood of guards, to paraphrase I will say that “45 manager tattoos” were written in the “blood” of the manager and his subordinates, and at least for this reason I recommend this book to everyone, regardless of their position .

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