Cards for the quest. What it is?

    We continue the theme of creating quests.

    The other day, our application was updated and a strange, at first glance, thing like Cards was added to it.
    What it is and why they are needed are the questions that I will raise today.

    What it is?

    This is a hint, not just text, but in the form of a picture or coordinate on the map. You can add a card from the settings of the stage, just go to the last page and press the large round button.

    The system offers us to choose the type of card, after which either the card opens with the ability to select coordinates, or the photo album opens, in which we can select any picture as a card.

    I’ll start, perhaps, with an example that sufficiently demonstrates the need to use such functionality when developing your own quest.

    Geo-Position Card

    Let's say one of the stages of the quest is to search for some attraction. For example, a miniature Roman column, the vines of which are wrapped around a ball standing on its top. So we write the task: “find the column”, and in the field for the answer indicate what they are wrapping around (the answer is Ball). But the problem is - how to explain to a person where to look for this column? You can, of course, write that she is in a park such and such, on such and such an alley, but if a person does not know the city sufficiently, he will have to open a map on his phone, turn on the Internet, look for this street or park. You must admit that so many superfluous actions are needed by no one and in order to avoid them, you can add a geo-location card in the preparation of the stage, in which the coordinates of this park will be indicated.

    Picture Card

    This thing is quite specific, but I think it will find application. It can be used for intermediate hints. Let's say you need to lead a person along a certain route. Then the task may sound like this: “Find the statue and count the number of buttons on her shirt (there are 11 of them jokes). You will get a number. Open the card. Under the number 11 you will find further indications ”(some table is drawn on the card). Thus, the game form will be formed when completing the quest.

    All this can be used and compiled as you like, here I gave only one example. We believe that the more flexible the application, the more versatile and interesting quests will be obtained.
    If you want to test the application, then go to the site and leave a request for testing.

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