The “rebound” of the Chinese stock market resulted in an intense rise in quotes from the local bottom

    We have already written on Megamind about the situation in the Chinese stock market ; more specifically, the fall of the stock indices of the Hong Kong and Shanghai trading floors.

    As is always the case with securities, after a serious failure (more than 25%) and emergency measures by the authorities of the PRC (trade restriction, ban on IPO), the indices began to adjust: SSE Composite (Shanghai) rose 4.5% during the trading session, a day earlier - by 5.8%, and Hang Seng (Hong Kong) grew by 2%, a day earlier - by 3.7% according to the results of the trading session.

    However, experts note that it is too early to rejoice - almost half of the companies still do not trade on the Chinese exchanges. Analysts also fear that the collapse of the market in China has already had or will have a serious impact on the nearest and closely related markets, such as Taiwanese and South Korean, as well as on commodity markets globally.

    We continue to monitor the development of the situation on Chinese trading floors.

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