Advertising wants to be useful

Any business, whether it’s selling pencils or manufacturing complex construction equipment, needs advertising, in particular advertising on the Internet. Unlike the radio and the outdoor, the Internet has a number of serious advantages, the main one being a complete understanding of the cost of attracting one client. Entrepreneurs know this and are willing to spend big money on promoting their services on the network. That is why at the moment the Internet is the second marketing channel after television advertising in terms of investment. However, few people know that online advertising costs can be reduced by targeting ads to the target audience (CA).


The essence of targeting is that, based on data about Internet users, you only show ads of your products or services to people who are interested in them. Moreover, the data can be very different: gender, age, income, marital status, place of residence, car availability. What information to use depends on the products and the target audience to which you offer them.

The audience targeted advertising can be divided into two categories: new users and those who have already been to your site, but for some reason did not make a purchase.

To increase the number of new visitors, you should use RTB (Real Time Bidding) technology - an auction model for buying display advertising on various sites united in a common network. Simply put, an RTB auction in real time sells ads on those resources that the target audience visits. In this case, each individual impression is evaluated, the probability of a click on the banner and subsequent purchase is calculated.

The first RTB exchanges appeared in the USA in 2008. Previously, advertising on the Internet was sold only in bulk (hundreds of thousands of impressions), and a real-time auction made it possible to buy or sell a smaller amount of advertising. Russian experts began using RTB technology in 2011. By the end of 2013, the market for auction advertising in our country reached $ 35.8 million, and $ 4.5 billion worldwide.

The RTB operation mechanism is based on the interaction of advertising platforms, they are represented on the exchange by SSP (Suply Side Platform), and advertisers, their name is DSP (Demand Side Platform). SSP informs the advertiser that there is an opportunity to buy impressions on a resource whose users fall into its target audience. DSP, evaluating the site, offers a favorable price, that is, makes its bid. The maximum bid wins in the auction, and the winner places his advertisement on the resource. At the same time, the advertiser shows ads only to the target audience, and users see those advertising messages that may be useful to them.

Consider the use of targeted advertising on the example of a manufacturer of plastic windows. The main consumer of this type of goods are women, who most often make decisions when choosing interior items. Age category: 24 - 50 years old.

At an auction on the RTB exchange, banner ad impressions were bought at several sites where visitors are representatives of the target audience.

The targeted advertising campaign was launched on April 30, and over the week, almost 1% of users who saw the banners clicked on them. In this case, the advertiser paid only for the transition of the interested user to the site.

Thus, over the week, site traffic increased by 30% compared with the number of visitors before the launch of a targeted advertising campaign.

An old friend is better than the new two.

Consider the second option, when you need to return users who were already on the site, but left without having made a purchase. For example, a successful young man was thinking about buying a representative car. During working hours, I went to the site selling cars, looked at several models and ran away to the meeting. Now your task is to remind yourself. You can do this using the retargeting tool, showing our hero an advertisement for your car dealership on other resources connected to the RTB system, while offering a discount or a special offer. However, it is worth remembering that a girl could be in the place of a young man, which means that the target audience is divided into male and female, and motivating advertising must be divided by gender.

The retargeting tool differs from targeting in that you do not buy information about the right users on other resources, but you create the data segment of the target audience. A person has already come to your site, which means that he is interested in products and he is your potential consumer. Thus, when using retargeting, an advertising campaign is built on the data of users already loyal to you.

There are two ways to retarget: simple and advanced. Simple is used when working with all users who have left the site. The bottom line is that resource advertising continues to haunt visitors to other sites that are connected to the RTB system. These can be banners or contextual ads, while they are not personalized and simply remind the user of the brand.

The effectiveness of simple retargeting, we can track on the well-known example of advertising a car dealer. For three weeks of impressions, the conversion amounted to about five hundred targeted actions on the client’s site.

Now let's talk about advanced retargeting, which works harder, but gives more results. Not only banner ads showing the store are shown to the potential buyer, but, for example, the product that he previously looked at on the site. In addition to a reminder, an advertisement can offer a customer a discount for a limited time. Thus, you motivate the client to return to the site and buy the product.

The content of such banners is compiled using complex algorithms based on statistics on user behavior on the site (patterns). For example, site statistics show that 85% of users who have watched four models of the most expensive TVs end up buying the fifth, most advanced model. This means that for visitors who left the site after watching those four TVs, it is better to show the fifth model in motivational advertising. Thus, the statistics system predicts user behavior and calculates its next step.

Behavioral statistics are constantly collected in the background. The longer the algorithm works, the more accurate the forecast.

Do not believe me - check

You can find out that the retargeting tool works, and you spent your money for good reason, from the RTB report. As already shown in Figures 3 and 6, data on the number of clicks on banners and conversions after a click is reflected in the report daily. They are displayed both in the form of a graph, and in the form of a table, which also shows the cost of one click.

If there are still doubts that using retargeting to attract visitors to your site, check for yourself how this mechanism works: put the product in the basket in any large online store and close it. Soon the store will remind you of yourself.

If there is no doubt, then the question arises, how to connect RTB? How to do this depends on what you need: buy ads or sell impressions. In the first case, you need to find a DSP operator who will represent your interests on the exchange. Today, one of the largest Russian players in this segment of advertising is Intency. If you want to sell banner spots on your website, you need to contact the representative of the sites on the RTB exchange - SSP, among which the leading place is Between digital. Both companies use their own technologies and give maximum results with minimal financial investments.

Everything ingenious is simple

As you already understood, targeting helps to correctly adjust the advertising campaign and show it to the right target audience. At the same time, the results are clearly visible from the report of the RTB exchange: how many visitors, and from which platform they came from, how many of them made a purchase or a call. You just have to watch how the conversion of the site increases and calculate the profit.

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