How we washed Hotline

    Today I want to tell you how products are born in Intelin. On the example of the Hotline mobile application.

    1. The idea!

    In the beginning was the number. And this number started at 8-800.
    Each medium-large office has this, it is necessary for direct communication and emphasizes the customer focus of your company - any marketer will tell you that. For all calls coming to such a number the company pays. And sometimes seven-figure amounts.
    We sell such numbers ourselves - do we not know?
    Calls come to 8-800 from PSTN, long-distance or from mobile - therefore, they cannot be cheap at all.
    You melon! Idea! But what if you try to bring calls to the company through SIP? It will turn out much cheaper. Yes, in general, almost for free!
    But how? Through softphones? Via a web interface with a browser extension?
    No, not that. We quickly came to the conclusion that you need:

    2. An application for mobile.

    Probably, you need to be a very strong-willed and principled person in order not to get into digital networks and not to use a smartphone today. Always at hand is mail, a calendar, instant messengers, a planner, a to-do list, social networks and a camera ... But what am I telling you? You know it yourself.
    And since we all already have smartphones, we can make an application that will call through SIP. The application can be made for any company that will distribute it to its customers. Free of course. In fact, the application is a button, by clicking on which the client calls his company. Simple, fast and free for the client. Many times cheaper for the company.
    There is a minus - the call works over the Internet, of course. That is, traffic will eat.
    But there is a plus - you can call not only from Russia, but also from all over the world. When traveling, just find free Wi-Fi or buy a local SIM with inexpensive 3G.
    Want to call your tour operator from Brazil, for example? Is free? Through the hotel Wi-Fi you can, yes.

    3. Pen test

    In application development, we were no longer new. The process is clear - they drew the interface, screwed the button. Tested on themselves, corrected, redid, twisted, processed with a file. We learned how to quickly finish applications under the corporate identity of the customer - the logo, colors, that's all.

    We began to slowly sell. And collect feedback.
    All? There it was.

    4. What to add?

    - Guys, you have the whole application, but can only call the company! Weak to fasten something else?
    So they said in the AppStore when placing Hotline there.
    And, indeed, we thought. Let's add something. For example, feedback. From company to customer.
    Incoming call? No, better message. Right Push messages that come from the company to the client’s application. With the necessary information that remains and can be viewed again.
    Well done. General messages for all clients with the installed application - buzz. But what about personalization? The only option is to log in. The easiest way is by mobile number. So we got registration by number. Maybe not very convenient - but the company can send personal messages. Protected to the same. Banks, for example, send transaction messages. And okay.

    5. On the other hand

    When the client had the application with one button, the company simply had any PBX and call center operators to process incoming calls. But when the messages appeared, it became clear - you need an interface to send them. Since we will still do the interface for messages, you can draw right away and process incoming calls. To not get up twice. So the operator interface appeared. In it you can now see the call queue, put on hold, answer and forward calls to colleagues and send messages. It works through a web interface, that is, call center employees can work remotely.

    What is the result?

    We offer companies a service that will complement the existing number 8-800 and SMS distribution. Cheaper at times. With its own call center interface and company-style application interface.
    So, from a small application, we got a fully functional call center.
    Do you think that's it now? Not. There are still ideas that you can redo and add. But more about that next time.

    And yes, a link for those who want to test the Hotline Intellin: here.
    Android drivers can install just from PlayMarket

    Good luck to everyone, see you.

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