What to present to friends or how to create an interesting quest

    Today I will talk about the process of creating a quest in the goQuests application and briefly describe some of its features.

    Having gone on vacation to the city of Anapa, I thought that 10 days is too long for lying on the beach and doing “doing nothing”. And then I decided to do something creative with which to entertain the friends who came with me, to stir them up. The quest was perfect for this.

    I did not know the city very well. But there are quite a few ways to find out Anapa, starting with a simple walk around the city and ending with an acquaintance with a guide. I decided to use the simplest one - read about the city and browse the list of attractions and other famous places on the Internet.

    In the end, I chose several places where you could find a description and photos. It remains only to hammer all this into the application. It was not a big deal.


    First, enter the name for the quest and draws it with a picture.

    I will not dwell on all the settings of the quest, but right away I will move on to the most interesting part - the steps. The stage is what the person who received the quest will go through. They will need to be performed in turn and the passage of one stage opens access to the next.

    Go to the add steps window and click plus.

    An editing window opens and the first thing to do is come up with a name

    Next, choose the type of stage - what a person must do to go through the stage. For example, find a place on the map. The stage is performed if a person approaches the specified point at 50 meters. When passing the stage, he will have the opportunity to open a map and see where the marker that you put is located. Or, for example, enter a line - in this case you need to come up with some kind of riddle, the solution to which would be this line.

    To select the coordinates, just click on the appropriate button and a map will open with the ability to select the exact location.

    The ability to create a quest without leaving your home, just by looking at the map (and opening, if necessary, the street view mode for clarification) is a pretty convenient tactic.

    However, there is a slight “but” ... It’s not a fact that the attraction that you read about on the Internet or saw using Google street still exists. So we flew with the first stage of the quest: it turned out that in the place of the pipes (something like a musical instrument on which the wind plays) a building and a bunch of bricks. Therefore, it is advisable to walk the route yourself in advance if you want to make a really high-quality quest.

    Next, you need to make a description of the stage and arrange it. The better the photo or video is, the better, because this is exactly what a person will see when he starts the stage.

    Here you can upload both photo and video content. So, in the third stage, I uploaded a clip of Arkady Severny, which opened after passing through the stage.

    Another important thing is the tips. They are needed - this is a fact. If a person gets confused or doesn't understand something, they will help.

    It is also necessary to take into account the linearity of the stages, so that a person does not have to go back several times and perform one or another task (after all, this is not interesting!). Those. need a route in a certain direction, moving forward. Though slow, but moving.

    The result was a quest that my friends went through in an hour and a half and received a lot of pleasure.

    There is no application in the AppStore yet, but you can go to the site and fill out a simple form for testing the application.

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