Why mobile programmatic is the next frontier in the development of advertising and marketing

    Despite the initial technical difficulties, the mobile programmer will soon change the rules of the game in the advertising business. In our article, we will try to explain why this will happen.

    Perhaps it was inevitable that programmatic buying would rush to mobile. Indeed, the volume of mobile advertising is growing rapidly every year, and the programmer is projected to be $ 20 billion by the end of 2016. And there are no signs that this growth rate will decline.

    And yet, more recently, many marketers doubted whether the mobile programmer could work normally. Programmers who understand programming, of course, were aware of the unique possibilities of effective targeting on mobile devices, but in general, the absence of cookies in mobile was perceived by some as insurmountable difficulties.

    Marketers lag behind in the understanding of mobile programmers.

    Lack of confidence in technology may explain why some marketers underestimate the capabilities of mobile programmers. The Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) recently released a study by marketers of mobile advertising.", which interviewed more than 200 marketers, and found that three quarters of them believe that mobile programmer is very important, well, or at least deserves close attention and study.
    But most surprisingly, only 27 percent of the marketers surveyed actually benefit from the purchase of mobile advertising impressions programmatically.
    Good news for programmatik industry, and for all marketers in general, is that all the technical difficulties in targeting mobile programmatik remained last!
    Various solutions appeared to eliminate the problem of the lack of cookies in the mobile: login on registration, app SDK, and behavioral data on the mobile Web, these are just some of them. And if you add a “cherry” to this magnificent cake of decisions in the form of precise geo-targeting, it will become clear why every marketer needs to master this direction.
    So, you can safely bet that when next year IAB publishes its survey on mobile advertising, the percentage of marketers who buy mobile advertising automatically will be much higher. With this agreement in their forecasts and to eMarketer , which alleges that by the end of 2015 mobile programmatik will account for more than half of all automatic purchases of advertising, and it will exceed desktop placement.

    The real possibilities of mobile programmers

    Why eMarketer and dozens of others anticipate such a rapid growth of mobile programmers? On the one hand, Brands, which have had great success in using desktop marketing software, simply cannot ignore mobile devices if they want their ads to reach their current and potential customers.
    Next year, it is expected that the number of people around the world who use smartphones will exceed 2 billion, and it is no secret that we spend more and more of our time on the screens of our phones and other digital devices. In other words, the use of mobile programmers is very important for marketers who want to keep up to date with the way people choose to interact with new technologies.

    But to use a mobile programmer, just to keep up with new trends, this means missing out on all the new features that a smart targeting system on mobile devices can provide.
    Brands can collect much more accurate and widespread information and behavioral data about their customers from mobile devices than from desktop computers. The data collected via mobile is more complete and complex. The speed and thoroughness of their use may be critical to obtaining the desired conversion.

    And this is really only the beginning of what can be done with the help of mobile programmers. Maybe most marketers are aware of the new opportunities that open up with precise geo-targeting, but not all of them are ready to use it to its full potential. One of the successful cases of our company was to attract customers to the store in the Shopping Center, based on the accurate geo-targeting of local residents. Knowing all the current and future advantages of mobile programmers, you will understand what a truly “hot” trend in the marketing world is.

    The conclusion is quite obvious - or at least it should be: Mobile programmer will play a leading role in more effective interaction with clients. The information that we can obtain from registration data, mobile applications, web-based behavioral data, and especially from geolocation, gives us a more accurate picture of client interests and preferences.
    The number of marketing specialists, especially in our country, who are not yet aware of this new reality, is surprising. And when these marketers and decision makers wake up, the growth of mobile programmers can really amaze us! BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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