Sammari and books. What when

In recent years, I do not have time to read, chat with friends, relax, play sports. All the time I try to combine everything. The list of books I want to read is endless.
For people like me, we do SmartReading . But, since people have a biased attitude towards school summary, I want to write in detail why summary services are needed.
First, I’ll tell you what it is all about.
Summary represent the author’s retelling of books on 10-15 pages (each summary has its own sizes, but on average so), which sets out the key ideas of the creator of the book.
We do not make a summary on fiction books, choosing more practical topics:
• marketing, management, sales - prof. literature for your beloved colleagues;
• personal effectiveness - such books usually have a lot of repetitions;
• HLS - a heading for those who monitor health. It allows you to keep abreast of basic diets, proper exercise;
• compulsory reading of an educated person - here are collected books that we consider important for erudition;
• Psychology - we all want to understand each other. We briefly describe the main ideas of the books that we consider the most important;
• success stories - everyone is pleased to follow someone.
For most of the books we do an audio summary, and for the part we also make infographics.

We see the main goals as follows:

Acquaintance with new books
Summary are useful for those who want and love to read, but there is not enough time to read, and sometimes motivation, because it is often difficult to force yourself to wade through multiple repetitions of authors.

Time is the most valuable resource in our century. SmartReading helps you spend this resource more efficiently. We outsource the hard work that takes time - processing a pile of books, reading large texts and sowing golden dusts of ideas.

Summary allows you to get acquainted with the contents of the book in 30 minutes, a place of 5-10 hours and understand whether you need to invest more. Why 30, not 15? Because from our point of view, even a concentrate of ideas should be presented in a harmonious and beautiful way.

In addition, reading a new book is not an expensive pleasure. The average price of a book on a business topic or the topic of self-development is from 400 to 1000 rubles. The choice is huge, it is difficult to navigate and we often have to buy a cover, not the essence of the book (experience in publishing allows us to know quite well what it is about).
By giving us the opportunity to know the book’s ideas in advance, we want to help the reader easily navigate and decide whether he needs a full version of the book or whether it’s limited to summary.

2. Repeat read.
I regularly want to return to books: to realize or rethink important points, to recall what we have not yet managed to realize in life, just to refresh key moments in memory.
Because the books that we make summary are applied in nature, they come back to them more often. And returning, it is more convenient to analyze 10 pages, not 350.

Summary do not replace books. They are needed to help save time: choose a book, remember it or understand that another time.

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