Self Tips About Product Management

    I would like to understand 5 years ago when Ecwid was launched, all that I understand now. If I could send advice to myself in the past, I would send a link to this post.

    Time is an irreplaceable final resource

    You will earn money, you will hire people. The time spent will not be returned. This is an irreplaceable final resource in your battle with competitors.

    There are 250 working days in a year. This is 25 chances to seriously improve the product. 25 shots in your battle. This is small, so do not waste time in vain.

    Say no to great ideas

    You are a smart dude with lots of good ideas. Your team is brilliant people who also have a lot of them. The terrible truth - most of the ideas you will not make because of the finiteness of time and team.

    Since you do not have enough time and the team to make all the ideas, then choose to implement only a small part. And the rest, say no.

    It's hard to say no to your ideas. It's hard to say no to team ideas. But if you don’t know how to do this and say yes to every sentence, then you will not focus on really important things.

    Do not look for reasons to make an idea. Of course you will find them, this is a classic confirmation bias. Look for opportunities and reasons not to make an idea. Subject her to doubts, look for “holes” in her.

    A good product manager never says yes right away. His first answer, “by default,” is always “no.”

    Do not do a feature, but solve a problem

    Customers want solutions to their problems and benefits. They do not need features.

    Proper product change solves the pain and problems of the client. Directly or indirectly increases its sales.

    If you don’t know what kind of pain a change will decide and what benefits it will bring, then it’s time to say no to this change.

    Measure success in revenue

    Revenue and the number of active users is the main measure of the success of a product manager. The number of features released, their originality or the joy of users do not determine how good you are. If revenue is growing, the product manager is great. If it doesn’t grow, it’s not good.

    Do not make products, but release them

    There is no product or change until users use it. No matter how cool your idea or sketches are. If the change is not for the users, you have not done your job yet.

    The ability to produce products, despite force majeure and difficulties, is the main skill of a good product manager.

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