French taxi drivers flip and burn UberPOP driver cars

    Almost three thousand taxi drivers in France spoke on June 25, 2015 against UberPOP , the Uber low-bonfire . They blocked the roads to Charles de Gaulle and Arly airports, to stations in the center of Paris and transport hubs on the outskirts of the city. The protesters turned over and set fire to several private taxi driver cars.

    Anyone can become a UberPOP driver . You do not need to get a license for this. A trip that costs ten euros in an official taxi costs four euros at UberPOP. Taxis see this as unfair competition.

    French authorities plan to close UberPOP.


    In February 2015, Uber received the Crunchies Award for “Startup of the Year.” San Francisco taxi drivers at this moment protested against thisnext to the building where the ceremony took place. At the end of March in Brussels, taxi drivers attacked Ubermen , threw flour and eggs at people and robbed drivers of their phones.

    The Uber office in Amsterdam in March is being searched . Inspectors from the Ministry of Transport of the Netherlands were looking for lists of names of drivers who do not have a license, but work with the service. The company itself has already been fined $ 100,000 in this country, but it continued to work with drivers without a license.

    Uber is banned in some countries, Uber drivers are fined for breaking the law. UberPOP has already been banned in Germany. Uber drivers are required to purchase commercial licenses to work with the services of Uber X and Uberpop. In March, Uber was about to paycommercial licenses for its drivers in Germany. The cost of a license is from one hundred to two hundred euros. This may indicate serious changes in company policy.

    Users perceive Uber as a transport company, but it is an intermediary between car owners who want to earn money and passengers. Uber’s policy from the very beginning did not imply driver licenses. Unlike services like Yandex.Taxi, which work with licensed taxpayers that pay taxes. This affects the cost of travel. Why should a passenger pay ten euros to an official taxi against four euros when ordering through UberPOP? The company influenced traditional business: for example, one of the players in New York taxi owes tens of millions of dollarslenders due to the appearance of Uber in the market. The company began to literally destroy taxis , depriving their employees of work. Techcrunch

    journalist chatted with protesting taxi drivers in Paris. "I worked as a taxi driver for the past seven years, and have been on vacation twice in these seven years." Then the taxi driver showed the images on the phone. In the first photograph, he was standing by a black Mercedes Uber driver. On the second - the same car was turned upside down. "We burned this car - watch the video."

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