Brands lag behind in mass transition to mobile

    People have already made their choice - and they choose a mobile.

    But what about brands?

    We are in the middle of the most massive media changes in history, and brands aren’t keeping pace with them,

    - says the VentureBeat report .

    While 2.1 billion mobile users downloaded more than 350 billion applications, the time spent on mobile devices has increased by 76% since last year, and we spend more time on our smartphones than watching TV, brands have not yet fully accepted mobile advertising in their marketing strategy.

    There is evidence that some brands, including Disney, for example, are already adapting to the new ecosystem.

    Disney found that with the right combination of targeting and creative, you can get outstanding results. The company has reached a level of engagement in video advertising 7 times higher than the average, using competent audience targeting and outstanding interactive creative. And video advertising already generates a level of user engagement 5 times higher compared to static banners.

    Kroger, the U.S. supermarket chain, has also recently grown by 3.7 times the number of its offline visitors, thanks to a mobile geo-targeted advertising campaign using factors such as device data, travel history, and offline purchases.

    What is the difficulty for many brands?

    The absolute complexity of the mobile advertising ecosystem,

    explains VentureBeat.

    The number of calculus that occurs between ads, what you see on your mobile device is amazing. In milliseconds, 11 different steps take place, and information is exchanged between ad networks, exchains, dsp, ssp and dmp.

    Despite the complexity of the process, the effectiveness of its result is undeniable. A shift towards mobile marketing is inevitable, and we hope that Russian companies will realize this in the near future. BYYD • Mobile Advertising Platform

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    And what factors stop you in choosing mobile advertising to promote your product / service?

    • 30.7% difficulty understanding the mobile advertising ecosystem 4
    • 53.8% doubt about effectiveness 7
    • 15.3% conservative decision maker 2
    • 23% everything is fine, and we are already actively taking advantage of mobile programmatic 3

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