Apple invents a new type of viral ad

Original author: Jim Edwards
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Apple has received a patent for a new viral advertising management system that can track advertisements or media content distributed through various means of communication. The description of the patent says that the system can store user names, addresses and age.


Such an event does not indicate Apple’s plans to launch a viral ad - all the same, the company has a long history of developing and implementing devices and applications. You also cannot conclude that Apple is going to track social media consumption.

Interestingly, Apple recently renewed interest in developing its advertising business. The company has launched an ad blocker available for the latest Safari web browser update, which will allow iPhone and iPad users to block ads on web publications. Apple has also modified its iAd mobile ad system. Consequently, a new method for tracking viral advertising companies could theoretically be used in iAd.

Using the new system, the stored data can contain the user name, address, age, likes, dislikes, previous history, etc., data can be received from the user device or from the server.

In general, all technology companies are trying to patent all their developments, even if they do not plan to implement them, simply because the company may prohibit others from using them. Therefore, patenting a system that tracks users does not guarantee its real launch.

Nevertheless, it seems ridiculous that Apple, having a method of tracking users of different devices on different platforms, opposes this. CEO Tim Cook made a number of speeches in which he criticized Facebook and Google for this. “Some of the most famous and successful companies have built their business on lulling the vigilance of their customers. They meticulously collect everything that they can learn about you and try to monetize this information. We think this is wrong. ”

Apple claims the new system is just “an advanced method of implementing a viral campaign.” Next will go the scheme from the patent.

This is how advertisements are presented with the ability to share:


Apple provides a set of social buttons:


Campaign promotion budget management scheme:


The following diagram shows the generation of a unique identifier ( UUID ) that allows the advertiser to track the success of an ad:


Tracking tree solution when one of your friends receives a link to an ad:


A diagram of the device hardware required to support ads:


Viral advertising ecosystem:


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