Freelance Stereotypes

    A little in defense of the profession. Show it to those who are guessing! In any kind of activity, there are a lot of stereotypes about employees. Let’s scatter a few common ones - about freelancers.

    Free workers are not deprived of attention, there are more stereotypes about them than about other people, so what they most often say about ignorance:

    Freelancers are single people, that means lonely people. Many people think so associatively. It is probably on this basis that this stereotype arose, it really exists and is firmly entrenched in the minds of people. However, this is a false assumption. Many freelancers have families, couples, and maybe someone will be surprised, even children! It’s just that their work can be planned by them themselves so that it doesn’t take them away from relatives completely or somehow for a long time. All have time!

    Freelancers are lazy. Of course - Yes, in most cases ... but - No, No, and again No! Rather, and - Yes, and - No. This type of activity is far from easier than for office workers. These people combine mental work with creative work. It should also be noted that for work, freelancers often need to get a lot of additional information. They are always ready to learn new things and to understand what they did not know yet, to be active and inquisitive. To consider freelancers lazy is a mistake, yes, they can always take a “break” for themselves, but also their work requires high self-organization.

    Freelancers are coffee lovers.Of course, everyone knows that coffee invigorates. And beginning freelancers have little sleep, and they replenish their energy reserves with the help of this drink. However, those who have more experience, respectively, and plan their working hours so that they manage to do everything - to work, and relax, and sleep. So they don’t have to drink a lot of coffee. And over time, freelancers return to lighter drinks - whether it be juice, teas, or water.

    Freelancers are like “hungry artists.”In reality, this is just a stereotype. Some are freelancing in order to have an additional source of income, while still having the main job. But many earned a good fortune only through freelancing. For example, those who write materials for famous and popular publications. But it’s not necessary to go in cycles in writing texts. Take a broader look at freelancing - translations, design, guides, tutoring, programming. Yes, a lot of what you can find yourself. The main thing is to work hard, patience, and, quite possibly, you will earn your first million with the help of freelancing!

    Freelancer is “unemployed”.Many will say: - if a person works remotely, then this is not work at all. And again a delusion! To be considered employed, it is not necessary for a person to leave home in the morning, return in the evening, and once a month bring a salary. Freelancers, in fact, work no less than others, and sometimes more. It's just their choice - to do it at home, and at a time when it is convenient for them. And sometimes, in comparison with full-time employees, they earn significantly more.

    Freelancers are easy to work and live.This is a question! In the work of a freelancer, there are many different things that are not always pleasant. Nearly all freelancers, close people believe that since they are at home working remotely, they can be distracted for any reason. But after all, this very easily knocks down the working mood, and can lead to untimely completion of the task. Plus - very often a demanding customer who is not happy with everything, but you tried, and come to work with full responsibility! Still, such work requires considerable perseverance, you also need to constantly replenish the store of knowledge, develop, and often creative. So only at first glance you might think that all this is so simple. You will not understand a freelancer without having visited his place.

    Anyone can become a freelancer.Is not a fact. Even if it’s “simple” to rewrite articles, you must first have a talent for writing. And in copywriting, translations, guided tours, we are no longer talking about many other areas - and even more so. You should possess not only knowledge, but also talent and love for your work, not everyone has been given this. Only in this case, you will achieve at least some success in the field of freelance. So if, for example, you have a good command of the word, know languages ​​and translate, try yourself on the platform for linguolancers (freelance linguists), which brings together translators, copywriters, tutors, guides, helping them to earn money, and those who need them services.

    Conclusion- without feeling all the features on yourself, you should not engage in condemnation and criticism, or envy the representatives of this profession. Freelancers must cherish their reputation, so they can not help but be purposeful and responsible. Without this, there will be no orders, and without orders there will be no freelance.

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