A new crowdfunding platform focused on offline business has appeared in RuNet

    In runet appeared crowdfunding platform Itinvest.su . Its founder, Yuri Korhov, invested in the development of its own funds - about $ 10 thousand.

    On this site, a project can be registered from any field of business. Service fee is 8%. She will be taken from those projects that were able to raise the necessary funds as part of the crowdfunding campaign. In addition, 2% of the funds successfully collected at the site will be allocated as investments in the Itinvest.su project.

    By analogy with other sites, Itinvest.su will acquire a stake in projects on behalf of the investor. Under the offer agreement, the representatives of the site act in the interests of the investor.

    “We will try to focus primarily on offline business. In general, all competitors are guided by startups. We’ll go from the other side, and start-ups will catch up there, ” Yuri Korhov told Firrma.

    “This is a great idea - to choose the attraction of investments in the offline business as the focus of your project, since there are already many crowdfunding sites around startups. True, this project will be successful under one single condition, when and if the founders understand that no online promotion mechanisms for such projects among potential co-investors work in principle and syndicate organizers need to build personal relationships with potential investors, as well as carefully select projects for syndications, ”commented VentureClub participant Konstantin Sinyushin.

    One of the most popular Russian crowdfunding platforms planeta.ruhas been around for three years. Its commission is 5% of the amount raised if the project is successful and 10% if the campaign attracted 50-99% of the stated funding goal. In addition, 5% of the amount collected is transferred in favor of payment aggregators. The platform does not charge commission for charity projects. During the existence of planeta.ru, more than 225 million rubles were collected.

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