500 MB Road: From Love to Hatred of Yota

    The story of how love, won over the years of fruitful cooperation, turned into hatred for 150 rubles, 5 hours and 500 megs.

    Part 1 (retrospective). About how the best of the available services aroused love, respect, admiration and pleasure

    For many consecutive years, finding himself in the field of 1s-franchising, the author of these lines earned not only in heavy projects for many kilo-hours of automation of trade, accounting, finance, production, but also in very easy meetings for installing / updating platforms and configuration releases.

    Of course, fresh releases and platforms were not always with us - all day long for customers, sometimes you just manage to get to the office for money and documents.

    And when the Yota miracle first appeared in the form of an Egg with a wi-fi access point on board, it was immediately acquired and tested, as well as put into operation in combat order.

    When this device was replaced with new rails of LTE technology, the aesthetic properties and reliability of the battery were the first to be lost. The new box turned out to be plain and quickly discharged, but the main function is even better.

    Being one of the first users of iota, we managed to get the Internet for a year (first for one, then for another) at a low price for unlimited, more than competitive in the market.

    But here not everywhere was the coveted coverage, although with the unification with the megaphone there were hopes that further - everywhere!
    Love grew and grew stronger, and when iota offered to buy a SIM card, even though my 4s does not support LTE - it was decided - I take it! And for a long time there was a lot of joy from the execution of this decision!

    Часть 2 (лирическая). О том как две любви уживаясь в человеке могут привести к счастью, но стать незаметной причиной конфуза, разочарования и боли

    Years go, health goes, diseases come. It happens that for many months something hurts and there is no reason to find. This happened to me. And it must happen that a longtime friend, a doctor in the past, but now the co-owner of a small clinic, helped to find the root of all troubles, just by prompting the reason with a random examination. Moreover, the meeting was still connected with 1C, despite the fact that this was the friendly help of me, as a person who had not practiced promotional work for a long time. Just two people met to help one sort out the accumulated problems in accounting 1C, and at the same time helped the other to sort out the accumulated health problems.

    Therefore, as you know, when this friend called again, after a quarter, asking for help - could I refuse her?

    Часть 3 (хейтерская). Основная история о том, как за 5 часов, 500 мегабайт и слово за слово любовь превращается в ненависть

    So, 14 hours and 40 minutes, I drop 200 rubles into the personal account of my mobile Yota, so that after the commission is deducted, I would have 150 for the payment of 24 hours of unlimited Internet.

    Yes, yes, I remember that torrents promise to be cut in speed, but I used it for many years and did not portend trouble.

    For about 50 minutes, I am suffering in order to somehow connect a wonderful paid option, but technical support directly in the chat helps, and gives me a list of two USSD commands. Hooray!

    I connect the option, start the speed test first on the smartphone - fine, more than 2 Mbps

    I don’t yet know how much exactly I need to download (who knows, several dozens of new configuration releases can be released in 1C for the quarter).

    Of course, there are no ITS disks with you - but this has not been a problem for a long time, since 1C established support via the Internet. I reproach my friend a little for not buying at least some Internet on my workplace in order to update directly from 1C and start downloading the necessary platform from a corporate server. 196 megabytes. 15 megabytes per minute means 15 minutes of waiting.

    But, after a few seconds, a break occurs. Another try. Still. Cliff after cliff - how so? Download no more than 3-4 megabytes and all. At the same time, I find that access to any sites is closed altogether. Even from a smartphone. DNS error!

    What to do? I recall from the ancient past of modem connections the download manager. With a few attempts, I upload unfortunate 2.5 megabytes. Hooray! Now the attempts will not be wasted!

    Falling off every 5-8 seconds, with pauses from 3 to 30 seconds, I pump out the platform, then I find out the last release, I need an intermediate one, pump it out again, then another one and it’s insulting, but only one minor version was missing ... And one more - one .

    On this latest release, already in my hearts through a chat that hangs and crashes, I begin to troll tech support. Yota

    19:20 - everything is downloaded, I start the installation, meanwhile I continue to fight with tech support. The modem mode is already turned off, but there is no Internet in the smartphone. I get pieces of sites of 5-10 kilobytes and silence.

    Swearing with tech support is already frenzied.

    22:40 - updates are finally installed (who knows, this is not a quick process, considering that there is only 1GB of RAM on the target computer)

    23:20 - I have time to return home. Either 3 or 4 operators in the chat have already changed. There is still no Internet in the smartphone. Technical support claims that I still have tethering enabled (I quickly learn through the home Internet what kind of word I am, I begin to understand how all this works for yota technically, I find that people use workarounds and don’t pay, but this requires root access to the smartphone and a special application - no, this is not for me ...)

    23:40 - the Internet has returned to the smartphone. Spoons were found, but the sediment remained ...

    It would seem, well, what is it? The company insured itself with an agreement, albeit not obvious, but formally true.

    But here not everywhere is yota coverage and sometimes I have to use mobile Internet from other operators. For example, with parents in a village, for a comparable amount of money per month, with a widespread operator, extracting a 3G home-made spiral antenna from behind a lake (about 10 km), we get confident traffic for months from 0.5 to 2.5 Mbps, without much grief ( well, only adjusted for weather conditions), if necessary, receiving 10 Gigabytes per day (and even, to be honest, in torrents that do not cut it kindly, but they could).

    What were my expectations from yota after 5 years of life soul to soul?
    It is obvious that illegally and unreasonably overstated ...

    Please, let your expectations not be overstated.
    In fairness, it should be said that I was quite comfortable with the Internet on a smartphone from iota. Although I will not say that changing the SIM card from red-white to white-blue I felt a special effect. About the same traffic, for about the same money.

    Just plus love. Now everything is the same, but love with a minus sign. And a stupid question: am I crying?


    You have probably been taught that the market is a woman and the seller is a man. Customers have female consumer psychology. And this is best expressed by the example of one of the many alternative myths about the creation of man.

    God once created a woman. She was beautiful and delightful, so God created a garden of paradise for her and settled her in it.
    And the woman was happy. Three days.

    After which she prayed - Lord, it is so beautiful here, but I'm here all alone! You haven’t been with me for so long, please make some creature that would be with me and protect me when I’m scared.

    Then God created the tiger. The tiger was strong and reliable. He did not go a step away from the woman and guarded her sleep, and during the day he could step aside and doze, sensitively watching that nothing disturbed the woman’s peace. And the woman was happy. Three days.

    After which she prayed - Lord, this tiger is very strong and reliable, but it is so strict and severe! I have absolutely no one to play with! Create some kind of creature that would entertain me when I'm bored.

    Then God created a monkey. The monkey jumped, played, built hilarious faces. And the woman was happy. Three days.

    After which she prayed - Lord, this monkey is so funny, but very stupid. I myself am slowly stupid with her! Create a creature that teaches me wisdom and maturity.

    And God created a snake. The snake mused all the time, her eyes shone with wisdom, and her movements were full of complacency and tolerance. And the woman was happy. Three days.

    After which she prayed - Lord, this snake is very wise, she teaches me patience and peace, but she is always silent! Only from you I can hear a few words, but it happens so rarely! Create a creature that can talk to me!

    And then God created the parrot. The parrot learned new words and his speech became more saturated. And the woman was happy. Three days. Then she scratched and drove the tiger, beat the monkey, tied a snake into a knot, plucked the feathers from the tail of the parrot and prayed - Lord, please create a creature that can endure everything from me!

    And then God created man.

    May God grant you patience to overcome all the vagaries of your customers!

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