Rupert Murdoch plans to step down as 21st Century Fox CEO

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    permanent head of 21st Century Fox (until 2013 - News Corps) and the majority holder 84-year-old Rupert Murdoch plans to resign, writes CNBC. Rupert Murdoch will be replaced by his son, James Murdoch.

    The company’s official announcement is expected the other day, but the change of leadership itself may occur both this year and next. Rupert Murdoch will continue to serve as Fox’s executive chairman, while the co-chair will be occupied by another media tycoon son, Laclan Murdoch.

    At the same time, Fox’s current COO Chase Carey will leave his post and become an adviser to the company. Under the contract, Keri can leave his post at the end of 2015, although there is a possibility that he will work in 2016.

    Sources close to the Murdoch family report that the current role of Rupert Murdoch and his sons in the company can be described as a “partnership”.

    All planned changes will be discussed at the next meeting of the company's board of directors.

    It is worth noting that the current changes are of a qualitatively new character. Until now, the operations director of the company has always remained an outsider, not a relative of the Murdoch family. For many years, Peter Chernin worked in this position, who was replaced by Keri in 2009. Shareholders praise the work of Carey Chase at his post.

    James Murdoch will manage the work of the corporation, and his brother Laclan will deal with strategic issues.

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