There was information about startups that fell into the sixth acceleration program of IIDF

    The sixth acceleration program of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund ( IIDF ) was launched .

    This year 25 projects from the fields of advertising and communication, IT, trade, logistics, medicine and banking services were presented. The geography of startups covers 9 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan.

    The volume of investments that the program participants will receive from the IIDF will amount to 1.4 million rubles in exchange for 7% of the project. However, of these, 600 thousand will be allocated for the IIDF educational program, Firrma reports .

    Participants in the sixth acceleration program were:

    A2 Leasing System (Kostroma): Internet platform, leasing services aggregator.

    BIKEDEFEND(Tomsk): a bicycle anti-theft system that instantly informs about an attempt to steal a vehicle and displays its location on the map.

    DOOGLYS (Nizhny Novgorod): software for the automation of catering.

    CloudStats (Samara): a "cloud" system for high-quality monitoring of servers and websites.

    ComfortWay (Moscow): a virtual SIM card capable of downloading the tariff plan of a local telecom operator in more than 100 countries of the world, as well as a SIM chip for wearable electronics

    IATRA (Moscow): “UBER for doctors”. A service that helps to find a competent attending physician for the whole family and stores medical records in electronic form.

    inHome(Samara): a “smart home” system that allows you to control light, climate, security, as well as control water leakages through a mobile application.

    Inwion (Moscow): a smart home and a network video recorder that allows you to select ready-made surveillance scenarios through a mobile application and web portal or create your own. Automatically records video to a local device or to cloud storage.

    LinguaChat (Almaty): teaching a foreign language with a personal mentor through a mobile messenger.

    NitrosBase.js (Moscow): a product that allows you to reduce the labor costs of companies engaged in web development, using DBMS with REST API for accelerated application development.

    Slidevision(Ulyanovsk): a solution for sales managers that allows you to broadcast a presentation in a client’s browser window directly during a telephone conversation. (Tomsk): an exchange market for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Teamkey (St. Petersburg): a team password manager for IT companies, which is stored in the cloud or on a client server. (Moscow): an intermediary system between homeowners and tourists for safe booking and payment of daily rent of apartments.

    Axicredit (Moscow): a support service for credit organizations to quickly evaluate a borrower. It also includes a single trading platform for selling non-financial products to SMB customers. helps an individual debtor make a decision on his bankruptcy and prepare a statement to the court.

    Beguchka (Yekaterinburg): a site on which employers and individuals can display ads on the air as a “running line”.

    Courier (St. Petersburg): courier delivery service in which anyone can become a courier after registration.

    Factory (Yekaterinburg): a service that solves the task of automating manual operations in SEO, as well as integrating various SEO services into one.

    Open cemetery (Moscow): the opportunity to find a burial place and remotely order landscaping services.

    Fitness-Clubs.Pro(Moscow): a portal that gathered customers and owners of fitness clubs, weight loss centers, wellness salons.

    SponsorBureau # 1 (Yaroslavl): service intermediary between the organizers and sponsors of the events.

    Teleport (Moscow): software to attract customers to MFIs and banks through the All-Russian exchange of applications for microloans and loans.

    Technovisor (Yekaterinburg): a hardware-software complex for analyzing the operation of warehouse equipment (in particular, electric forklifts).

    TURBODYLER (Saint-Petersburg): used car sales service. Allows you to place an ad for the sale of cars on 69 sites at the same time in less than 5 minutes.

    5 teams (LinguaChat,, Axicredit,, Teleport) pay for the acceleration themselves, without selling part of their business.

    Bikedefend, Dooglys, Cloudstats,, NitrosBase.js, TeamKey, Technovisor, Turbo Dealer companies are participating in the IIDF and Microsoft joint acceleration program . Under its terms, startups receive 300 thousand rubles in the account and Microsoft Azure "cloud grants" in the amount of 2 million rubles. This is the third joint acceleration program of the IIDF and Microsoft.

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