Free Festival Advertising for Megamozg: First Results

    Hi Megamind! You may remember our free advertising campaign at the Holi Day festival, which will be held on June 12 at the Otkritie Arena stadium. There will be about 80,000 people, tons of paint, music and all that. We, as the organizers of this event, then suggested that online projects take advantage of the crowds and publicize themselves for free there. Surprisingly, a huge number of people responded. We are in a hurry to share.


    About 30 letters arrived, where people indicate that they read about the action on Megamind. Unfortunately, there are those where colleagues ask for help with advice or are simply interested. Friends, offer your ideas: a stand, a competition, an animator in clothes, flyers, promotions in the end. We are completely open. We are unlikely to be able to answer the questions in the letters “What is required of us?” or "What can you offer?" Here is an example of how it would be optimal for everyone:

    An online platform for the selection of performers for apartment repair . They will give out wet wipes with a sticker, even the layout is already ready:


    ABBYY Lingvo Live Online Dictionary . The project is for all of us a well-known company, according to which for sure many have learned foreign (I certainly). They will put up a stand for the photo, we will find them a tasty place. Lash Go


    mobile app . The guys sent a letter asking if it is possible to hold a competition. Can! Just send us a description of what will be there so that we are in the know and recorded you. Specifics, friends, you have a great product. mobile app . The guys have a cool application, interest in the festival and the target audience are the same, but there is no specificity. Waiting for suggestions! Today is the 8th. Festival of the 12th. We continue to accept applications and, as far as possible, respond to all. We remind you:

    We, as organizers, offer projects with Megamozg a free promotion at the festival. Formats - rack, flyers, promos, branding. Since there will be mainly young people aged 18-25, it is possible to hold contests with gifts, which personally seems to us the most effective. If you have ideas on how to use such an accumulation of people to the benefit of your project, then you are ready to listen to them.

    You can’t just promote alcohol, energy and cigarettes, so IT projects are welcome. We do this because we ourselves know how difficult it is sometimes for an IT project to declare itself offline, and therefore we are ready to help everyone who is interested in the audience who will be at the festival. There is also the possibility of advertising and sponsorship, which include a wider selection of sites and opportunities, we can send the price by mail.

    For all questions, including paid advertising and sponsorship, you can contact me at

    Head of Rocket Callback, Valeria Makarova.

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