Personalization as the main trend of visitor communication services

    Communication on the site is one of those important tools that are not given enough attention. Facebook noticed this and is now turning their Messenger into a full-fledged working tool through which online stores communicate with their customers. The Business function is not yet available to residents of Russia, but in general it is already possible to distinguish what Facebook is going to do as a result.


    What at first was a simple messaging among friends, over time has grown into a separate application, which, in turn, is rapidly turning into the main communication tool, not only on a personal level, but also on a business level.

    Now there are 600 million users of Messenger, new opportunities appear every month - first a reversal towards XMPP, then stickers and the ability to make audio calls, then video calls appeared, and just the other day, the ability to share geolocation and send a place on the map to the interlocutor. Messenger, now, perhaps the very product of Facebook, on which all efforts are thrown and which is developing at an extremely fast pace.

    Convenience of communication is also improving at the same time: checkboxes and displaying the person’s avatar as an indicator of message delivery, integration with mini-applications, the ability to send a friend an article or link directly from the chronicle, the ability to draw and edit images, share audio and video, and more recently, gif -images.

    In Russia, according to our observation, Facebook is rarely used for correspondence, and Messenger as the main messenger, and even more so. Nevertheless, all over the world it is he (especially after Facebook bought and practically froze WhatsApp) that becomes the No. 1 means of communication. And this is due precisely to the fact that today Messenger has the widest range of tools and, oddly enough, the amazing reliability of message delivery, and instantly (after Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegramm, it seems like a miracle). Is it a joke if we have communication with the Americans through Messenger.


    Unlike its competitors, Messenger is still turning into a working communication tool - no, these are not only group chats, although they are very convenient. Here we have in mind Messenger Business, about which we somehowthey wrote .

    If you look at what Facebook promises us, it becomes obvious - Messenger is planned to be used as the main tool with which online stores, and all other companies, will communicate with their customers. It would seem that a clear desire to scale - the same thing everyone else is doing. Line in China, which began as a regular messenger, now allows you to order a taxi and book seats in the cinema. Snapchat, too, has long grown from messaging to almost a mobile social network, which only Discovery is worth.

    But Messenger is special - he decided to bet on personalization, bringing it to painful perfection, when communication does not occur at the level of "seller-buyer", but "John Greaves, Everlane Manager - Linda Scott, 33, Columbus, Ohio." Messenger already works with two large online stores - Everlane and Zulily.


    What does it mean? We all know how important it is to get as much information about a client as possible. Messenger, in fact, allows you to get all the information available on Facebook to your client. Yes, today there are services that allow you to find a client in social networks, but Messenger connects directly, and the client has a dialogue history, and the company has a client account. And if you consider that Facebook is a social network No. 1 not only in the USA, it is obvious that almost all companies that are somehow present on the Internet will want to take this opportunity.

    Unfortunately, Russia is unlikely to be included in this list. Firstly, Facebook is not so popular - well, the client will come in, well, he will discuss it, the next time he will go into the account now after 3 months (if at all). The value of such contact tends to zero. Secondly, it is not known whether Facebook will open the messenger API and whether it will work for Russia at all (Graph Search, for example, has lived a little more than a year in its original expanded form, but has never reached Russian-speaking users). But these are all pessimistic forecasts, personally we hope that Facebook will grow its audience in Russia (as of May 2015 already 11 million, although 5,000 years ago it was 500,000), which will allow all nishtyaks to take advantage.


    Returning to the trend. For all its 600 million users, Messenger alone, of course, does not set a trend. Here, besides him, there is also Zopim chat , a small startup that started with 5 people, and today is one of the most successful projects. The guys have very emotional videos , by the way.

    Zopim is slightly simpler than Messenger, although it works on its technology. Despite this, Zopim has the same valuable asset - personalization. In the window you can log in via social networks and start chatting. Interestingly, the client’s history is not saved anywhere, but the company yes, as well as the account on the social network through which the client was authorized. Tomorrow it will be possible to knock and say: “Hi Joe! You asked a week ago on the site if we have 22 inch wheels. We told you then that no. So, we are pleased to announce that they have now been delivered! Do you still need them? ”


    No online consultant or chat today can do this. Yes, you can keep the source of the call, the phone number of the client, his location, but his account on the social network, which for many has become an Internet entry point, is almost impossible to get. If you just ask him to leave a link in the dialog box.

    We don’t want to reveal all the cards, but we at Rocket Callback are also working on personalization now. Of course, it’s ideal to make sure that the visitor knows which of the managers will pick up the phone now (brunette Konstantin, blonde Maria, brown-haired Julia - photos, of course), and the managers knew that he was calling (well, or called) Yuri Samoilov, 26 years old , from Ryazan. And all on a voluntary basis and legally.

    The future is communications at an affordable price, a wide range of tools and settings, as well as personalization. We already have the first two - the lowest price in Russia for a minute of conversation and a complete adjustment of both the appearance and the importunity of the window. The third is partially implemented so far - you can put a photo of the manager. We will try to finish to the ideal.

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