Yahoo! closes part of projects and changes strategy

    Yahoo! plans to close several of its projects. One of them is Yahoo Pipes . It allows you to create applications that combine news feeds, web pages and other services. Already on August 30, its functionality will be disabled, and on September 30, Yahoo Pipes will be closed completely.

    In addition, the company will close the mapping service - Yahoo Maps . True, access to maps will remain in the search engine Yahoo! and on Flickr . By the end of June, it will cease to exist as a separate service. Together with the maps, GeoPlanet and PlaceSpotter services will leave the horizon .

    The Yahoo! Blog It also talks about some other changes in the company's projects:

    • In mid-June, Yahoo Music will not be available in France and Canada.
    Yahoo Movies will be closed in Spain.
    • In the Philippines, Yahoo! will not be available. Instead, they will redirect them to the Singapore Yahoo home page! .. Yahoo Entertainment will be closed in Singapore in July .
    • At the end of June, Yahoo TV will stop working in Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada.
    Yahoo Autos will cease operations in Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

    Some Apple applications will also be closed:

    • Starting June 15, Yahoo Mail for iOS 4 and earlier will no longer be supported.
    • Also, from June 15, Yahoo Contacts for Mac will finish its work with an OS version lower than OS X 10.8.

    The company explains the closure of projects by a change in development strategy. The fact is that Yahoo! going to focus on three main areas: search, digital content and communications. In this regard, the company carries out cost optimization and frees up additional resources, Techcrunch reports .

    May 18th edition of The Wall Street Journal has learned that the CIO Yahoo! and Mike Cale, vice president of infrastructure, left the company for a year. The week before, Kevin Gentzel resigned as head of sales.

    And on May 19, Yahoo! fell in price by 7.6%.

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