News Media will restart Marker with a focus on digital, social networks and youth

    The management of the News Media media holding decided to restart the Marker publication . It is planned to bet on a youth audience. The editor-in-chief of Izvestia Alexander Potapov and his deputy Anastasia Kashevarova will work on this .

    “A consolidated decision was made that it was necessary to create a resource that would meet the needs of our youth, and was included in all the gadgets of the country. Two weeks later, Sasha Potapov and I must present the concept of the project, ”Anastasia reports.

    It is worth noting that initially “Marker” should have been developed in this direction, but so far the results leave much to be desired, reports

    “The boss has always guided us towards digital, the Internet, social networks, and youth. Unfortunately, this glade is empty. Business and socio-political media have become boring and tedious, one might say stereotyped. We all think that we should focus on “nerds” and “elite”, but we have forgotten about young people, ” writes Kashevarova on her Facebook page.

    The publication was launched in March 2010. The first editor of Marker was Alexander Malyutin. He considered Marker as a replacement for Kommersant and Vedomosti: “A newspaper that describes events, news, the background of current events in business life, the business world: in banks, in industry, in finance.” However, in December Malyutin left the post. Instead, the publication was headed by the ex-editor of Life News policy, Irina Ivanova.

    The materials of Marker almost ceased to be updated in August 2012. At that time, its chief editor was Alexander Potapov. He claimed that it was a temporary downtime: “No closure. We redistributed our forces, thought, and are preparing to break everyone in September! ”

    But the attendance of the publication continued to fall, and a maximum of two materials a day appeared on the resource. The last update of the materials took place on September 6, 2013. Today, the number of daily visitors to does not exceed a thousand people.


    image traffic statistics according to LiveInternet

    News Media Holding was founded in 2001. In addition to Marker and Izvestia, it includes editions of LifeNews , Your Day, and the weekly Life, SUPER.RU portal, BUBBLE comic magazine and Russian news service .
    The general director of the holding is Aram Gabrelyanov .

    The company's turnover exceeds 1.5 billion rubles per year.

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