Ford will open patents for money

    Following the Tesla Motors and Toyota auto concern, Ford opens patents in the field of electric vehicles and hybrids to third-party developers, but on a paid basis.


    In June 2014, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors , hinted to shareholders that the company would transfer corporate patents to the public. “Yesterday, in the lobby of the headquarters in Palo Alto, Tesla patents occupied the wall. They are no more. They were removed, in the spirit of the open source movement, to promote the technology of electric cars, ”writes Elon Musk. The change of policy was associated with competition, or rather, with its absence, which, according to Mask, threatens the business of Tesla Motors.

    In January 2015, Toyota revealed6,000 patents on hydrogen elements, power plants and associated gas stations. Patents will be used free of charge by companies that produce hydrogen cars, suppliers of components for vehicles, and energy companies.

    Ford sells six models of electric vehicles and hybrids. The company has 650 patents and 1,000 patent applications in this field. The company discloses patents from this area on a paid basis and hopes that this will contribute to the development of the market. Developers will be able to use Ford technology to increase battery efficiency and extend their life, improving fuel efficiency.

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