Sputnik turns one year old: domestic search engine reports on the results

    On May 22, 2014, Rostelecom launched the Sputnik.ru search engine .

    The search engine reported on the work for the year: it filtered 2 billion pages with dangerous content, launched the “Poster for children and parents” in 37 cities of Russia, a navigator for 150 thousand state organizations in 83 regions and its own maps.


    On the first day of work, 550 thousand people visited the site, and in the first 10 days, 2 million people used it. Then, attendance fell: according to TNS Russia, in June 2014, 508 thousand people used the services, and after that the agency did not evaluate the attendance of Sputnik. The April 2014 TNS report included Osp.ru with 355 thousand people a month, which indicates that Sputnik’s attendance is lower than this figure. RBC sources saythat the audience of the search engine is less than 100 thousand people a month.

    Sputnik has socially significant services, including Sputnik.Children and Medicines. The League of Safe Internet called Sputnik the safest search engine for children in Runet. To filter content, the service used its own technologies and data, and data on dangerous sites from partners - Kaspersky Lab, the Netoscope project, and Roskomnadzor. Sputnik


    maps contain 2.2 million buildings. Most of the data entered are objects of the social infrastructure of settlements. According to the report, 85 partners use these cards, including the St. Petersburg Administration and the Kazan public transport service.

    The service helps to get directions, but does not display traffic jams and travel time.


    RBC sources talk about the goal of reaching 1 million users of all Sputnik projects per month by 2015. Igor Ashmanov, “Ashmanov and partners”, I am sure that the most important thing for a search engine is contracts with smartphone manufacturers. But "Sputnik", according to the entrepreneur, will not be able to enter the market, where there is "Yandex" and Google.

    German Klimenko, founder of LiveInternet, says that Sputnik can enter the top 10 search engines on the Russian Internet, but is unlikely to become one of the ten most visited sites.

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