The fund, founded by RVC and R-Pharm, invested 160 million rubles in software for the analysis of medical examination data

    Russian Foundation RBV Capital has invested 160 million rubles in the Image an Analysis Ltd . The company is developing software for the visualization of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination data in the treatment of immune and oncological diseases.

    The funds raised will go towards the further development of the Dynamics software platform, the development of its clinical centers and the expansion of Image Analysis's client base.

    Today, the market for software for the quantitative analysis of medical examination data is actively developing. The software is used to diagnose inflammatory and oncological diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiac perfusion and a number of other disorders.

    Image Analysis is a leader among similar developments. Previously, doctors had to get the results of the examination, relying only on a qualitative assessment, their own experience and patient response.

    The development of Image Analysis enables specialists to conduct a digital analysis of the dynamics of the disease and identify intermediate treatment results. The use of such software improves diagnostic accuracy and at the same time reduces its cost. In addition, the diagnostic process itself is significantly accelerated, the company said in a press release.

    Olga Kubassova, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Image Analysis Ltd .:
    We are pleased to see a growing number of clinical and research companies using Dynamics for MRI. We believe that in the conditions of Russia with its vast territory and a shortage of qualified personnel, especially in the regions, our product will be in great demand. A significant contribution to the development of the company's current product was made by Russian and Belarusian specialists, and we intend to continue this cooperation.

    Andrey Kozlov, Investment Director, RBV Capital, Member of the Board of Directors, Image Analysis Ltd .:
    I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the professional team of Image Analysis Ltd. In modern medicine, the demand for a quantitative assessment of the results of MRI examinations based on a detailed analysis of data and objective standards is growing. This opportunity provides a unique development of Image Analysis. We are pleased to support the development of the company, as well as help it with the development of a promising Russian market

    The founders of the fund are RVC and R-Pharm . RBV Capital was founded in 2014. The fund intends to invest half of its funds in Russian companies.

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