GTA creators accuse BBC of illegally using their brand

    On May 21, Rockstar Games , the creators of the famous Grand Theft Auto ( GTA ) computer game , filed a lawsuit against the BBC . The British media corporation is accused of violating the Rockstar Games trademark while working on the movie “Game Changer”.

    In the course of the film, there are constant references to GTA games. The advertising campaign is also built on the brand of this computer game. Rockstar Games emphasizes that it has nothing to do with it. Use of the trademark occurred without the consent of the company.

    The plaintiffs repeatedly tried to get in touch with representatives of the channel, but the parties were unable to establish a constructive dialogue. Despite the fact that the film is a narrative of the history of the game GTA, the BBC did not consult with its developers. “Our responsibility is to protect our intellectual property, and, unfortunately, filing a lawsuit in this case was necessary,” IGN reports referring to a statement from Rockstar Games.

    The interests of Rockstar Games in court will be represented by its subsidiary Take-Two Interactive .

    The BBC team began filming the film in April. It is planned that they will be completed before the end of this year. The plot is based on the confrontation between Rockstar Games and American lawyer Jack Thompson. He is known for his attempts to ban “hard” computer games with an abundance of violent scenes.

    The fact is that GTA games are built on actions such as robbing a bank, committing a murder, and so on. The player must perform these actions on behalf of the criminal - the car thief.

    The role of Rockstar Games founder Tom Hauser in the film is played by the famous actor Daniel Radcliffe, and the role of lawyer Jack Thompson is played by Bill Paxton.

    The very first game in the GTA series appeared in 1997. In 2013, GTA V raised more than a billion dollars in the first three days after release. The number of sold copies in the entire history of the game has more than 200 million.

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