Vi CEO invests in IT business

    Sergei Vasiliev, CEO of Vi, an advertising seller, has invested in Open Platform. Funds in the same company were invested by the son of Sergei Vasiliev, Alexander. The company itself works jointly with Huawei, managing a service that allows webmasters and creators of web applications to integrate the services of mobile operators and payment systems into their resources and services, AdIndex reports . In total, $ 3 million was invested in the company, and the founders also hope to receive new investments this year.

    The founders of the Open Platform are Sergey Borisov, who now holds the position of CEO of the company, and Alexander Vasiliev. Now Sergey Borisov has 33% of the company’s shares, and Sergey Vasiliev has 34%.

    Software and equipment for the "Open Platform" (OneAPI brand) was introduced by Huawei. Now all the necessary infrastructure is deployed in the data center. As for the platform’s capabilities, it allows you to connect to mobile operators and payment systems, so site and service developers can integrate various services into their products, including sending SMS, accepting payments from mobile operators' accounts and voice VoIP services. The latter function opens the possibility of making a call directly from a mobile application to a taxi driver or communication with a bank service operator.

    According to Sergey Borisov, the platform’s target audience is developers, banks and the e-commerce market. Also, the creators of the platform are counting on attracting representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

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