Digital Marketing: What and Where to Learn

    At our school, all management has a background in Internet marketing. In general, this played one of the key roles in choosing the specifics of our school. We decided to use our knowledge and experience in this industry to create truly effective educational programs with measurable results. But we are just starting now and want to talk about the courses and schools that are outstanding in our opinion, where we ourselves studied and taught.

    The concepts of Internet marketing and digital marketing in Russia appeared relatively recently - approximately in 2008 Internet marketing became widespread , and only in 2012, digital. However, despite the youth of these areas, they firmly consolidated their positions in the tools of marketers of both small businesses and giants. Marketing planning for any organization is no longer without Internet marketing tools.

    Here are a few figures for 2014 to assess the volume of the digital market in Russia:
    • At the end of the year, 59.9 million people go online every day . This is 51% of the total population of Russia over 18 years old. [1]
    • We occupy the sixth place in the world in terms of Internet penetration - 84 million Russians use the Internet. [2]
    • The amount of advertising on the Internet amounted to 84.6 billion rubles. Display advertising - 19.1 billion rubles, contextual advertising - 65.5 billion rubles. [3]
    • Over the past year, 25.4 million people made 195 million online orders worth 645 billion rubles. [4]
    • CMS Magazine alone has 8,768 web studios operating in Russia. But far from all are listed there.

    Most often, specialized agencies are involved in Internet marketing of companies. It’s probably not worth explaining why this is more profitable than keeping specialists on staff. Not so long ago, marketers almost blindly entrusted Internet marketing to contractors, not trying to understand the essence of what is happening. Now more and more specialists are trying to expand the scope of their competencies and improve their qualifications by attending various seminars and courses on digital marketing. And this is very pleasing, because with the increase in digital marketing coverage, the number of unscrupulous, and simply illiterate, contractors is also growing, which means you need to understand who to entrust your business with. But finding good courses is also not so easy, so let's talk a little about those for the quality of which we can vouch.

    • CAVIAR - interactive communications in advertising. The guys have representative offices in both capitals of our wonderful country (said Karina, sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle) and several other cities. Training takes place in several formats - the main course, which lasts several months; two-day intensives; mobile campuses and levelup. What are they teaching? Creative, brand management, SMM, event events and much more fun and interesting. Distinctive feature: the courses are mainly intended for specialists working in digital agencies.
    • Netology - online learning. One of the advantages of online learning is that geography is absolutely not important - the main thing is that there is access to the Internet. Two formats of training are “library” and “university”. A “library” provides access to a large number of recorded courses. The average duration of such courses is two hours, and you get access by subscription and you can watch them unlimitedly. "University" is a series of webinars, the average duration of training is two months. For this course, payment depends on the chosen specialty. Netology's subject areas are very diverse - from startups and finance to UX design. What is special - about 100 recorded short courses of different difficulty levels, which makes this “library" universal for all specialists.
    • TopExpert - courses in SEO, SEM, Internet marketing. Geographically, the guys are based in Moscow, but many of their courses are online. One of the bonuses is that all the materials will be provided to you in the recording, so the materials will definitely stay with you. From the first line of the description it is easy to determine the specifics of the courses. The program is quite detailed and extensive, so it is possible to sign up for a full course, as well as for individual modules. We note separately that the SEO course is very good, and it is highly recommended to specialists who want to work and understand this area.
    • IMpro - internet marketing education & consulting. Of course, one cannot help telling oneself. We are the youngest of all the courses listed, but we try to keep up. Geographically, we are based so far only in cultural Petersburg and a little bit in Seattle. What kind of cookies do we have? Online courses. webinars, open lectures, a knowledge base in recordings, two-day intensives, coaching and a lot of other things are planned. We are a fan of digital, so we constantly conduct free seminars and webinars. While we are mainly honing on Internet marketing, but soon we will have startup courses. Greatest emphasiswe would like to put on individual coaching until the result (joint work on the project for several months until specific results are achieved together with school experts). This is exactly the direction that seems to us the most promising and effective for those who want to consolidate their knowledge and apply it to their business.

    That's all for now. The list, of course, is small but verified. We hope you find it useful. And in the near future we will publish material on where and how to study for free.
    And remember: in the world of digital technology you should never stop learning!
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