Snapchat founder's vulgar letters and graduation

    24-year-old Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and his graduation speech blew up the Internet today. We hasten to share with you the wisdom of this young and successful guy.

    That year, Spiegel shocked his fans, classmates and just people who seriously respected the young man for his business undertakings, when he sent to all friends (and not only) these letters are:

    But a little time passed, and now he is giving a speech for graduates at the USC Marshall School of Business. The youngest billionaire on this planet who invented a messenger to exchange photos, videos, messages that evaporate in 10 seconds. A year and a half ago, he refused Facebook, because the guys wanted to buy Spiegel’s invention for $ 3 billion. He, of course, considered that it was too little, and rejected the offer. After some time, the company’s value reached $ 15 billion. This guy must be drinking a lot of champagne and taking a desperate risk!

    The main points of his speech:

    1. Take advantage of what sets you apart from the crowd

    He recalled his pseudo-graduation at Stanford, when he, not having received only a few credits, sat in the same mantle as all his friends, and felt terribly embarrassed.
    Spiegel says that we all need to recognize that we all want to be part of something whole, but often forget about what makes us unique.

    2. Respect the one who comes after you

    Frankly speaking, Spiegel surprised us with this thesis. After all, this person created an application in which messages disappear after 10 seconds ... what kind of eternity and continuity are we talking about?
    Okay. We believe the guy, because he, even if he does not really believe that he is building a company for those who will continue his business and improve his creation, he builds a corporate culture and tries to promote his personal philosophy.

    3. Come up with something you don’t want to sell

    We remembered one joke here:
     “Never work for money; find what you love!”
     “But I love money ...”

    Here we simply quote:
    “I am often asked:“ Why aren’t you selling your business? He doesn’t even bring you money. " This is my fad. You can be in the boat right now. Everyone loves boats. What is wrong with you? ”

    Spiegel admits that he loves his job and that he has a passion for him, so he sarcastically answers questions about the sale of Snapchat to Zuckerberg.

    So, for those who are in a boat or just floundering in the ocean without a life buoy:

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