Who makes money on IT outsourcing and 1C implementation? Part 2. True

“Thanks to such people, I will never be without work.” The motto of the specialist.

Let's start with a simple truth. The wish from the client “We need a 1C server for 20 users” in the 1C world is like coming to a restaurant and saying “I need to feed 20 people.” Who are these people? Are they vegetarian, fasting, omnivores? Need snacks, lunch, dinner or buffet? Do they have a holiday, a conference, a congress of Scientologists or just wanted to eat? The simple truth here is the following: for each decision, you must choose your own tool.

a common part

If we consider only typical 1C configurations for commercial enterprises, then we can make the following rating

  • Configuration "Accounting Enterprise". The most popular product from 1C. Appears at the company with the first accountant hired by the staff. The modern standard of accounting in commercial organizations of the Russian Federation. The basic version is 3,300 rubles., The full version is 13,000 rubles.
  • Configuration “Salary and HR Management”. The second most popular product. Appears at a commercial enterprise, as soon as its staff exceeds 5 or more people, it all depends on the workload of an accountant with a salary. The basic version is 4,600 rubles., The full version is 17,400 rubles.
  • Configuration "Trade Management". Helps to establish more or less order in the management accounting of the company. Acquired when the staff has 10 employees or more. It strongly depends on the management and business processes of the company (if any). Full version 17,400 rubles.
  • Configurations "ERP Enterprise Management 2.0" or "SCP 1.3". Very expensive, very complicated. I don’t quote the prices and the number of people, because talking about these configurations without implementation will serve the company a disservice, and the need arises with the understanding “you can’t live like that anymore”.

This short list omits the configurations “Simplified”, “Entrepreneur”, “Retail”, “Management of a small company”, “Integrated automation”, “Document management” and others, because these are all half measures that solve specific problems and are individually lost on the background basic typical configurations.

Well, now we ask ourselves, why does a company need a 1C server for 20 users? There are several typical reasons.

The accounting department of a large company sits at 1C

In this case, you need to pay attention to 1C in the cloud. We go to 1cfresh.com/price and count the money for the 2 most popular configurations for 20 users: 29 664 + 5 933 * 15 = 118 659 rubles. in year. Full support, constant availability (while there is Internet, and where isn’t there right now?), Fault tolerance, backups, ITS and just a good mood.

Many companies (or rather their managers) do not want to trust their data to the clouds, fearing for their safety and availability (while the safety and availability of data on a server standing at its feet is considered a priori higher than in the cloud, and this is a big mistake). Let's make a small calculation for such users by taking the server price data from this article.

Iron server150 000 rub.
Enterprise Accounting13 000 rub.
Salary Configuration and HR Management17 400 rub.
The client license for 20 workplaces 1C: Enterprise 8 (USB)97 600 rub.
1C: Enterprise 8.3. Server License (x86-64) (USB)103 700 rub.
ITS TECHNO subscription for 1 year (allows updating configurations and platform and nothing more)12 528 rub.
Total 394 228 rub.

I’ll make a reservation right away that it is possible to take 1C licenses not USB, but software, but the difference between them is 19 600 + 17 300 = 36 900 rubles, and a headache per million.

Linux and PostgreSQL are installed on the server, for the price of 70,000 rubles. or less, and if there is a familiar admin with experience, then for a bottle of good alcohol, because the entire installation by a professional takes no more than a few hours, including constant “smart” backups and time synchronization (in 1C it is very important, it is strange that little is written about it and due attention is not paid by the implementers).

It should be understood that we are not building a fault-tolerant system, in the full sense of the word, as well as, unlike thisarticles that are introduced will not block our domains that do not belong to the 1C server in any way (I’m cunning if setting up 1C login through a domain can increase security).

Let us pay attention to the economic side of the issue, the cost of its infrastructure exceeds the cloud cost by more than 3 times, and each year it is necessary to renew ITS, maintain your server, update configurations, pray about the state of purchased iron and deal with other sudden problems. Considering that the server is morally obsolete after 3 years, and it’s not necessary to pay for the cloud one time, it’s worthwhile to carefully study the security issue between the cloud and your decision and make the only right decision, i.e. go to the clouds with the whole civilized world.

Not only accountants are sitting in 1C

In this case, you have to fork out and buy your server. The prices are described above + the price of the configuration due to which it is impossible to use the cloud, or go to the universal cloud, i.e. not tied to 1C as a service, but this is a completely different story both in terms of technology and money, highly dependent on the needs of a particular company.

As you can see, in reality there is not half a million for Microsoft licenses, domains for 1C and other rubbish, but there is a solution to the needs of the user, not the mythical horse in a vacuum.

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