Playing Spotify music in Starbucks coffee shops will make barista a DJ

    The music streaming service Spotify has struck a deal with Starbucks, an American coffee chain . In coffee houses, music from the playlist of the service will now sound. Visitors to institutions can order certain compositions from barista.

    Companies expect this to create a “new generation music ecosystem”. In addition, the service will gain great popularity, and Starbucks will attract new customers.

    7 thousand Starbucks outlets in the United States will be able to offer a new service until the end of spring. Further, the service will be distributed in the UK and Canada. Coffee shop employees will be given a premium account. He will give them the opportunity to make playlists.

    Choosing songs for listening will allow visitors to institutions. To do this, you need to vote for your favorite track. In accordance with the voting results, playlists are updated. According to Spotify CEO Daniel Eck, barists actually become DJs.

    According to Jorge Espinel, Spotify’s development director, Starbucks does a great job of advertising its core and additional services. Now, in accordance with the loyalty program , Spotify users will be able to earn "stars" using the paid services of the music service. You can exchange your bonuses for free coffee.

    This collaboration was first organized in the history of Starbucks. Currently, 10 million people are participating in the loyalty program. 60 million people worldwide use Spotify. Starbucks management hopes the success of the joint project and considers such cooperation promising.

    This year, the Starbucks network announced the cessation of collateral CD sales in its establishments, recalls The Verge. According to company representatives, music has always occupied a special place in the atmosphere of a coffee shop. So it will be now. Just as part of a new strategy, the company is changing the music format.

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