Samsung pays Apple $ 382 million less as a result of patent review

    On May 18, a U.S. court reviewed a decision on a dispute between Apple and Samsung in 2012. According to the court, such details of the appearance of the smartphone as a rectangular shape, rounded corners, a black border and a smooth transparent surface are not the subject of a patent dispute. Therefore, the amount of compensation that Samsung was supposed to pay was reduced by $ 382 million.
    The subject of the dispute is still several other patents related to the design and technology that Samsung allegedly took over. The trial began in 2011. In 2012, Samsung was ordered to pay compensation in the amount of a billion dollars. After the first appeal filed by the company, it was decided to reduce the compensation to $ 930 million,reminiscent of The Verge.

    Last year, companies jointly decided to end patent litigation outside the United States. Thus, litigation ceased in Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, South Korea and Japan. Nevertheless, proceedings continued in the United States.

    Amid information on the review of the court decision, Apple's stock price rose 1% to $ 129.97 per share. Well-known entrepreneur Karl Aykan believes that in fact, the company's shares are much more expensive. In his open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he set the price at $ 240 per share.

    This is not the first time he has been talking about this. In February, his valuation of the company exceeded a trillion dollars. The cost of one share was then estimated at $ 216. The opinion of Karl Aykan does not coincide with the estimates of analysts.

    In February, Megamind wrote that Apple, in turn, sued Ericsson , accusing it of violating 41 patents for mobile technologies: 2G and 4G wireless communications, information display, energy-saving technologies, principles of the mobile operating system.

    In mid-January 2015, the license agreement between Apple and Ericsson expired. Negotiations on its extension began 2 years ago, but the companies did not come to a decision that would suit both sides. Apple simply refused to pay royalties.

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