7 Tips for Staying Caffeine-Free

Original author: Scott Young
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We often talk about addictions: smoking, alcohol, drugs. However, there are others, no less affecting our health habits. For example, coffee. Many cannot start their day without a flavored drink, but is it really that important?

Do you resemble zombies if you don’t have a cup of coffee in the morning? Instead of using caffeine, it’s better to choose a certain food that will provide you with the necessary charge of energy. Having made only small changes in the diet, you can prevent morning weakness and decline in activity throughout the day.

Why should you give up caffeine?

I do not drink coffee. Sometimes I drink caffeinated tea, but only when it is really needed. Despite the fact that caffeine does not have such a negative effect on human health as other special drugs, it is still far from the substances that are beneficial. Here are a few reasons to cut back on cups of coffee:

  1. Caffeine addiction. Usually, former smokers and drug addicts suffer withdrawal symptoms. However, many who are addicted to caffeine suffer from something like this for several weeks when they are trying to reduce its consumption. Why create addiction on our own?
  2. Dehydration. Caffeine is a diuretic, so if you drink a cup of coffee (or tea) in the end, you will only lose water.
  3. Post-caffeine effects. You can greatly increase the amount of your energy, but what will happen when it ends? Constantly increasing the dosage of caffeine will not be a good option, and the body will get enormous stress.

Change your diet to get more energy.

Food is fuel. If you do not fill your body with the right fuel, or if you do not regularly refuel, it will take quite a while before your stocks run out. Here are a few dietary settings that I use to keep my energy reserves adequate throughout the day.

Switching from 2-3 meals a day to 4-5 meals a day

The decisive factor determining the amount of energy is the level of glucose. If you just have lunch and dinner, bursts will occur in your body, followed by major energy losses. The digestion process itself will also take a lot of energy. You experienced it yourself if you ever felt sleepy after dinner. Dividing meals more times smoothes jumps in glucose levels and thereby facilitates digestion.

Eat low glycemic foods before bedtime

In the morning, this can be difficult, because your body was starving during night rest. Eat low glycemic foods in small quantities at bedtime. These include whole grain foods, vegetables, and some fruits. After I started practicing this, it became much easier for me to wake up right after the first alarm .

Eat fruit on an empty stomach

It takes much less time to digest fruit than for more dense foods. They are processed for about 20-30 minutes instead of 1-3 hours. Eating fruits on an empty stomach allows them to quickly digest and, accordingly, much faster than any other food, increase blood glucose levels.

Switch to lean food

Perhaps you are so fond of steak that you simply will not allow yourself to become a vegetarian. But this does not mean at all that you cannot reduce the amount of meat in the diet. High in protein and fat, it is very difficult to digest; it requires much more energy than vegetarian substitutes. Meat usually contains a lot of hormones and pesticides, which can also affect your energy level.

Drink your 8 glasses

Our body consists of two-thirds of the water and needs H2O to perform its basic functions. Keep a bottle of water on your desktop when you work, and replenish it regularly. When you come to training, also take a bottle with you, and do not just grab a couple of sips from the drinking fountain. Somewhere I read a good way to determine if I am consuming enough fluids. Need to look at the color of urine. If it is even a little darker than light yellow, then you need to drink much more water. (Translator's supplement: IT-shnik is much easier to use mobile applications to control the body's water balance, for example, the same WaterBalance)

Eat whole grains

I have already mentioned the importance of consuming low glycemic index foods for energy. This most glycemic index shows the rate of digestion of the product in the body. Fast-breaking carbohydrates produce an energy surge that dissolves very quickly. At the same time, these products can influence well if you need to restore strength after physical exertion. But on a typical day, they will lead to negative consequences. If you eat whole grains, then provide yourself with a constant supply of energy.

Avoid the desire to indulge in something sweet in the middle of the day

In the afternoon, we usually lack energy. Often around three o'clock in the afternoon in our body the glucose level drops, and we begin to starve from a lack of strength. This is exactly the time when many people want to drink even more coffee with a high sugar content. Avoid the temptation to consume prolonged “fuel”. Instead, eat low glycemic index fruits or whole grains.

Are you ready for the sake of health to get rid of the habit of consuming a lot of caffeine? Perhaps you know more effective ways, share them with us in the comments.

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