Sotmarket brand and online store put up for sale

    The founder of the Sotmarket online store, one of the twenty largest online retailers in Russia by revenue, is negotiating a business sale with M.Video, Eldorado, MediaMarkt and other major market players, RBC reports .

    Warehouse online store. Photo: TASS

    Vsevolod Fear opened the Sotmarket store in 2005 and began selling phones, electronics, household appliances and accessories. In 2012, the store took third place in terms of turnover and traffic among Russian network retailers. At that time, 492 points of delivery of goods and 700 retail outlets worked. In 2013, the store’s net sales with VAT amounted to 4.2 billion rubles, 5.9 million people visited the site per month. The store entered the TOP-30 Russian online retailers in terms of revenue on the network.

    In 2014, the online stores Yutinet, E96 and Sotmarket were legally merged on the basis of Yutinet.Ru Platform OJSC. The total turnover of the company was 9 billion rubles in 2013. The business value could exceed 2 billion rubles, according to Natalya Kolupaeva, senior analyst at Raiffeisenbank . Vsevolod Strakh owns a 20% stake in the combined company according to a source from RBC.

    Vsevolod Fear sent a letter to large market participants in which he announced the closure of the store and the sale of the business in parts. Boris Lepinsky, CEO of the Utinet online platform, said: “The store has huge traffic - this is the most valuable thing in the business. This is what we are selling, ”says Lepinsky,“ there is no specific amount of sale, we are waiting for an offer from the market. ” The site is visited by up to 100,000 people a day.

    The price of Sotmarket is not indicated, the seller is waiting for offers from the market.

    According to the Director General of Technosila Ilya Timchenko, the business of Sotmarket can be estimated at "several tens of millions of rubles."

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