About OneMarkt's Role in E-Commerce Development


    The idea of ​​creating such a project came up in September 2014, when our team was studying the e-commerce market in Russia. Together with foreign large companies that are actively trying to enter our market, we found that over the past 4-5 years a huge number of Russian companies have appeared that offer services for small and medium-sized online stores of various kinds. There are niche platforms that sell exclusively children's products, there are platforms for trade in clothing or handmade goods. In a word, the market is flourishing and developing, even despite the fall of the ruble and the economy as a whole.

    So what made us take up the project in such a competitive environment?

    We must start with the fact that a huge number of stores began their activities in the past five years. Each of them, in fact, is a competitor to any other store of the same orientation. Sellers spend significant resources on advertising products and attracting customers. Along with embezzlement for hosting, website promotion, advertising groups on social networks and commissions on other sites, the store’s income is reduced to zero. However, there is no guarantee that the customer who bought something will return to the store again.

    Moreover, sellers and trading floors themselves are aimed at selling goods and generating income. And this approach may seem the only right one. But we at OneMarkt think a little differently.

    We initially decided to focus on creating the right communication between the seller and the buyer. Any user who visits OneMarkt should be sure of the stores presented on it. We want to make it clear that our sellers are responsible for sales and are ready to offer the best purchase conditions.

    At this stage of the project development, we are trying to give each participant, the store, his own “face”. When you visit a fully completed profile of the store, the buyer will see that such a store has been working for a long time, has a social. pages, your site, customer reviews, special conditions for the purchase of goods and methods of payment. At any time, he can directly contact the seller and ask him questions.

    The next stage of development will be functions aimed at the buyer. He will be able to not only learn the latest news from stores and buy products at prices that suit them, but also play his roles in the life of various stores!

    We welcome all comments and feedback!

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