Apple has patented a social network that will unite users by interests based on their lifestyle

    The Patent and Trademark Office on May 7 approved Apple's patent application for a social network that unites user interests.


    A social network in the form of an application for iOS users will unite them into groups based on geography, activity, travel and lifestyle. A social group can be created without user request and be anonymous.

    Gathering information about the user's life, the application will offer to create a group and get to know people with a similar lifestyle - sports lovers, parents or lovers of nightclubs. Members of the group will exchange messages, meet and post information in the public domain, Vedomosti writes .

    Apple filed a patent for a social network in late 2013.

    In 2010, Apple created a social network that allows you to follow musicians, concerts and search for friends with similar interests in music. The project lived until 2012.


    Earlier this year, Apple patented the design of a square with rounded edges - the design of the Apple Watch. The company attached sketches, drawings, and information about competitors' smart watches, as well as mechanical watches, such as Hermes Carre H, which are similar in shape to the Watch, to the application. So the company in the application proved the identity of the design for its protection by copyright.


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