New startup: OneMarkt - online store hypermarket

    In January 2015, a new platform was opened for the sale of goods of small and medium online stores, called OneMarkt. This is a kind of supermarket stores, where the main role is played by the participants themselves - sellers, and not the goods that they sell. Moreover, the difference from competitors is that the participants - sellers are spared from commissions and monthly fees.

    The idea of ​​OneMarkt is not based on a banal exchange of goods for money or sale, but on the creation of the right communication between the seller and the buyer. For some, this is a great opportunity to talk about their store, win the first loyal customers who will bring friends, and also be constantly in touch with their subscribers. For others, this is a chance to buy this or that product at a great price, receive a recommendation of your choice or find out the latest news from the world of goods sold.

    The entire design and functionality of OneMarkt was maximally customized for the user. No piling up of buttons, banners or pop-ups. Creating a page for your store takes only a few minutes - from registration to loading the first products it takes only 10 minutes. OneMarkt moderators look at information about the new store and decide whether to allow it to the project or not, so all participants - sellers on the site - these are real stores that have been operating for some time.

    Product loading takes place in just two clicks: the user calls up the product adding page, fills in the information and publishes it on the store page. You can add up to 5 products at a time, and in total - up to 300. When downloading, the necessary minimum information about the product is indicated in order to save the seller’s time. Other product information can be edited in the seller’s profile.

    In the store’s settings, the user can specify some SEO parameters that will help search engines find and display the store in the future. This will undoubtedly help our customers get new customers to their stores.

    Also, unlike its main competitors, OneMarkt openly asks its users to provide links to popular social networks. pages: VKontakte, Instagram and Twitter. We believe that it will be easier for a potential buyer to decide on the purchase of goods if he sees that this store is actively developing in social networks, that he already has customers and good reviews. Together with the social. pages, the user can give a link to his personal website - the store, and make sales through it.

    It is also necessary to talk about the news section of the project. Each store, having uploaded the product to its own page, will be displayed in the OneMarkt general news. Customers will always see the latest arrivals in stores and be the first to place an order. Users who subscribe to a store will also receive email notifications of new products from this store. Also, any seller can talk about upcoming promotions and discounts to attract new ones or remind themselves of old customers.

    As for buyers, this is a great way to be the first to know about new products in stores, follow trends, and receive individual discounts from stores.

    Until the end of May - mid-June, the team plans to finalize some functions and introduce new ones. This will improve the display and delivery of goods, increase customer confidence. Moreover, the latter will visit OneMarkt not only to make purchases, but also to receive relevant, interesting and useful news. Despite everything, our customers will be confident in stores, will not be afraid that the goods will not be delivered or there will be problems with payments. They will be pleased to use the updated OneMarkt service.

    We invite everyone to express their opinion on the project; We will be happy to hear criticism or receive suggestions!

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