Apple announced quarterly record highs

Original author: Martyn Williams
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Apple reached record highs for the second fiscal quarter: Apple's net income increased 35% to $ 13.6 billion, and the company's total revenue was $ 58 billion, which exceeded analysts' expectations for growth to $ 56.1 billion.

In the first 3 months of 2015, the company sold 61.2 million iPhones, which is 40% more than a year earlier. How to assure analysts, such an impressive performance in many ways became the result of strong demand for the iPhone 6 in the domestic market of China. Managing Director Luca Maestri confirmed that sales in China grew by 72%. Mac sales also increased : last year in the 2nd quarter 4.1 million computers were sold, this year - 4.6 million.

However, Apple appearedcause for concern. For example, exchange rate differences from sales around the world reduced the company's revenue by 6%. In addition, the corporation has been declining iPad sales for the fifth quarter in a row: this time Apple managed to sell only 12.6 million devices, which is 23% less than in the previous quarter.

Tim Cook emphasized that an increasing number of people prefer to buy Apple products, expressing the hope that the company will achieve better results after June, when Apple Watch officially launches sales.

Apple expects third-quarter revenue growth to $ 48 billion, compared with $ 37.4 billion a year earlier.

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