DST Global Yuri Milner has invested $ 150 million in a funding platform for startups Funding Circle

    Funding Circle has raised $ 150 million in a funding round led by DST Global. Funding Circle investors included the largest investment company in the world, BlackRock, Singapore's Temasek state-owned investment fund and Sands Capital Ventures, an American company, writes RBC with reference to the Financial Times.

    Company Funding Circle Give a platform for financing start-ups and small businesses using peer-to-peer lending. “P2P loan” - a loan of funds to unrelated persons without an intermediary in the form of a bank or other financial institution.

    Companies can use the platform to raise funds on the following conditions: from 6% per annum for up to 5 years. Borrowing £ 1,000,000 for 5 years, the startup will pay £ 1,254,992 - the overpayment will be 5% for each year of using the funds.

    Individuals can invest from £ 20 in one company. Currently, 39,155 people in the UK have invested £ 609,441,340 in British business.

    In the next round, the Funding Circle platform raised $ 150 million, and the company's value was $ 1 billion. The company uses these funds to work more actively in the UK and the USA and enter new markets.

    DST Global Yuri Milner earlier this year invested in corporate chat Slack and in the Indian taxi service Ola Cabs .

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