Amazon Launches New Amazon Destinations Hotel Reservation Service

    Online retailer Amazon has launched a new service Amazon Destinations . With it, you can book hotels, as well as search for catering and attractions near the hotel. So far, the service will operate in three US cities: New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.

    The new service provides 150 different hotels to choose from. Previously, Amazon also provided the opportunity to book hotels, but only on the "last minute" trips and special offers.

    According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, last year the US tourism market reached $ 458 billion. According to experts, Amazon has good prospects in this market due to its high attendance. The amount of commission fees for booking on Amazon Destinations has not yet been disclosed. It is known that the commission of online tourist operators is usually 10-25%.

    The Amazon Destinations project involves the hotel operator Provenance Hotels. Its president, Bashar Wali, shared with The Wall Street Journal his views on the service:

    “Amazon is really making a difference. This company knows exactly the nature of the costs and preferences of its customers. Thanks to this, we will be able to cooperate with her on the issue of special offers that will effectively find their target audience. ” is the largest turnover platform for searching and buying books, films and music.

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