InfoWatch increased revenue by 67% in 2014 thanks to crisis

    InfoWatch, a company engaged in the development of information security solutions, was able in 2014 to increase revenue to 831 million rubles, that is, by 67%, according to Vedomosti. The bulk of revenue (77%) came from DLP solutions. Income from the sale of such solutions increased in 2014 by 57% to 639 million rubles.

    In addition, revenue growth from projects in state-owned companies was also recorded, from 17% in 2013 to 27% in 2014. At the same time, implementations in financial and credit organizations brought InfoWatch about a quarter of revenue, in the energy sector - 19%.

    According to Vsevolod Ivanov, Executive Director of InfoWatch, this growth is not accidental; it can be explained by both external and internal reasons. One of the most active growth factors is market readiness for protection against internal threats. The company's customers are beginning to understand that it is IT solutions that can significantly reduce the loss of companies from theft, corruption and deliberate opposition to normal work. Now, in a crisis, many threats have become much more acute, and the management of client companies began to think about countering threats.

    As for InfoWatch's competitors, such companies are also talking about significant growth. But competitors' growth is still lower than that of InfoWatch. So, Zecurion in 2014 showed revenue growth of 35%.

    According to some experts close to InfoWatch, the revenue growth rate of this company raises questions, and can be somewhat overestimated, about 2-2.5 times.

    Natalia Lezina, a spokeswoman for InfoWatch, claims that all numbers are correct, and the company simply cannot publish numbers that do not match actual reporting. The fact is that now the company is attracting international investment, and if investors convicted the company of incorrect reporting, problems with investments would immediately begin.

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