10 customer fears when ordering SEO services

    A study of global traffic by SimilarWeb showed that 27.79% of visitors to sites come from search engines. In the "trade" segment, the share of search engines reaches 37.22%. Website promotion services are in demand. At the same time, customers are afraid to order SEO. The case when you want and prick. We will analyze the main fears that we encountered in dealing with customers.


    Fear of wasting money
    The main fear of the client. Money must be paid today, and the result is promised in 4-6 months. This is difficult and distrusting.
    Customers want to pay "for the result, not for the air." At the same time, they pay for billboards, without requiring guarantees that 100,500 customers will call them. They purchase the services of doctors who take money for an appointment, and not for a guaranteed recovery.
    Customers demand 100% guarantees where they cannot be.

    The fear caused by the words of other people
    Marketing guru, whom the client respects, spoke viciously about seo. The junior partner said website promotion is a hoax. My wife advised me not to get involved, because they wrote in Cosmo - seo does not work. An authoritative expert in Internet marketing can be any person from the client’s environment - brother, matchmaker, secretary, friend or lover.
    The client trusts them, even if they are nonsense. Because he himself understands even less.

    Fear of Past Mistakes
    A third of customers come with negative promotion experience. Previous contractors failed. Or the client thinks so, because the understanding of the goals was different. Or a full-time webmaster ruined the site. The reasons are different, the result is the same: the client did not get the effect that was expected.
    The customer is disappointed in the optimizer, in the service, in the search engine optimization market.

    Fear of being deceived.
    Clients are afraid that they will be charged money and will not work on the site. Or they will do much less than promised.
    There are few frank swindlers among promotion companies, more than those who undertook, but could not. Do not promise the impossible.


    Fear of overpaying
    The seo market is still not formed. It employs agencies with a staff of 100-200 people and companies with a couple of employees. For the promotion of the same site, the cost is different at times. Even agencies of the same weight category.
    In a commercial proposal, the customer is offered promotion in 25 words, in a larger semantic core, in traffic, comprehensively, with and without writing texts, with and without modifications.
    The client does not catch the difference. For the client, this is one SEO service. At least half choose the price. They are burned and receive fear of past mistakes.

    Repeatedly, I was faced with the fact that customers leave the seo-agency with the desire to save. They are satisfied with the promotion work, but they want to pay less. And then even less, not realizing the risks when changing a contractor. They left us like that. And so they came to us.

    Fear of change
    Starting a new one is scary. It is doubly scary if you have to pay for it in rubles.
    Why look for new channels to attract customers if old ones work? It is unclear whether seo will fire or not. Does search engine promotion work on my topic? Under seo you have to change the site. These are expenses, time. Problems! Maybe, well, is this a promotion? - such thoughts in the client’s head.
    He does not see the benefits of investing in change. Fear of the new overpowers.

    Fear of repeating other people's negative experiences
    Customer’s partners promoted the site, spent 200 thousand, the result is zero. The client is afraid of repeating the story.
    Someone else's negative experience affects the client.

    Fear of seeming incompetent
    Customer’s marketer is poorly versed in promotion. At a meeting, the agency manager uses unfamiliar terms. The longer the marketer listens, the more despondency on the face. The desire to quickly end the conversation.
    Even if a person plans to order a service, the fear of seeming incompetent is present. Get your thoughts on seo clear.
    Not the most popular fear. Business owners are even less likely than hired marketers.

    Fear of driving a site under filters
    This fear is rare. If customers were more often afraid of getting sanctions from search engines, we would not get into the work of resources under the filters AGS, Penguin and Panda.


    The site is in the top, no sales.
    The client is afraid of a decline in sales, even if the site is advanced. A subspecies of fear of wasting money. This can happen if:

    • Niche too narrow / new.
    • The product is seasonal and not searched.
    • The promotion strategy is initially erroneous (few queries, incorrect semantic core).
    • The order form has broken on the site.

    Otherwise, sales will necessarily grow. Even if the site is crooked, and the managers are dumb. The site before the promotion was crooked, and the manager is dumb. But they were selling. Another thing is that sales will grow even higher if you correct the curvature and dumbness.

    What is the problem?

    Danger crept on two sides.

    Objectively, SEO is a risky form of advertising. There is a chance that something will go wrong. It's a shame when the “wrong” happens with your project. Search engines do not obey optimizers. Agencies try to influence them using both official recommendations and tricks.
    Clients transfer risks to agencies, those to clients.

    The second problem is customer ignorance. Half of them have vague ideas about promotion. Even worse when in the head of myths. Hence the incorrect goal setting and wishes in the spirit: “here are 10 requests, I need top 2 with guarantees” or “I do not need Google, only Yandex is interested.”
    Lack of understanding of the specifics of services by customers is a serious problem for the market. And this creates and strengthens the client’s fears.

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