Nokia may return to the smartphone market as early as next year

    The Finnish company Nokia may enter the smartphone market with its new phone next year, writes Recode . It is still unclear exactly how the process of returning Finns to the market, most of which was once owned by Nokia, will take place. The situation is complicated by the fact that the company, under the terms of the agreement with Microsoft, has no right to use the Nokia brand for its devices until the 4th quarter of 2016. This did not stop the company from releasing its own tablet on Android OC, but so far this has not gone further.

    At the same time, Microsoft is increasingly distancing itself from using the Nokia brand for its products. Most of the company's smartphones are simply called Lumia, although Nokia is still written on the cases of some models.

    Most likely, having received the right to use the own name of its own brand, Nokia will enter into a partnership agreement with one of the manufacturers of hardware for smartphones, putting its name on the finished product after its release. Previously, the corporation has already announced the possibility of licensing its brand, that is, in the future there may be a situation when the company allows partners to use its name in exchange for license fees. Nokia Technologies is now very active in the implementation of such plans. The same unit contributed to the launch of the Nokia N1 Android tablet on the market.

    In the future, the company may compete with Samsung, Facebook and other companies. It is worth noting that rumors about the imminent appearance of the new Nokia smartphone and the return of the former leader to the smartphone market appeared immediately after the conclusion of the Nokia deal with Alcatel-Lucent (the deal amounted to $ 16.6 billion).

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