Mark Cuban - 6 Things For The Great

    I bring to your attention an article by Mark Kuban ( "The 6 Things You Need to Know to be Great in Business" ).
    Mark cubanMark Cuban is an American entrepreneur. Basketball team owner Dallas Mavericks, owner of Landmark Theaters, CEO of HDNet and the HDTV cable network. The state of Kyuban is estimated at 2.3 billion dollars. A bit shocking character.

    In 1999, Yahoo! bought from him for 5.9 billion dollars. Member of the reality show about business, marketing, investment Shark Tank. Executive producer of a whole bunch of films.

    There are no short cuts in business. To be successful, you need to know some things, and here are the six most important, in my opinion.

    Know how to sell

    The implementation of this paragraph implies that you are able to express how a product or service improves something. Selling is never about persuasion, only about help.

    Put yourself in the shoes of a customer

    If you know how to succeed from the position of your counterparty, you can be successful. In order to accomplish this, the ability to quickly understand the needs and requirements of a person is necessary. Each person and industry is different from the others. The ability to understand various industries, business, roles, and what made them work and not really work comes with experience.

    Never ending, the process of learning to understand the needs of companies and the people working in these companies will help achieve success.

    Know as much as you can about technology

    The great news about technology is that it changes every day. If you are one of those few people who know the new technology, you are in a unique position to put yourself in the shoes of the client and determine the degree of usefulness of the technology. New technologies are making changes, and where there are changes, there are opportunities. Knowing more technologies will allow you to manage more opportunities.

    “Invent bikes” (always ask yourself how to solve a problem if there wasn’t a solution yet)

    99.99% of what we do in business is done according to the knurled patterns. No one re-imagines how everything should be done. Although successful businessmen, in any situation, use their knowledge of a business or situation, regardless of context, to reinvent the solution to the problem.

    Find the paths of least resistance

    Many people come up with ways of doing things that are amazing in their opinion. Unfortunately, they do not wonder if they make anyone else's life any better or easier. A simple test of any such process or situation is to answer the question: "Is this the shortest way to improve the user?" Yes - great, no - we are looking for a solution further.

    Be nice

    People hate dealing with villains. It is always better to be a good guy than a "goat" (in the original jerk ).

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