Blue Mazda or how to attract opportunities

    “In any business, with a maximum of difficulties, the
    approach to the problem is still the same:
    Desire is a thousand possibilities,
    And unwillingness is a thousand reasons!” E.A. Asadov

    A few years ago, a story about a girl who wanted to buy herself a car so that not like everyone else, so that the brand and color were, if not exclusive, at least rare, walked around the net. She chose and bought herself a blue Mazda. It was worth leaving the car by car, as there were only blue Mazda around it.

    The conclusion from this story is as follows: often we do not notice obvious things, do not see good opportunities, if we do not know about them, do not focus on them; but it is worth paying closer attention to something, as it begins to loom constantly before your eyes. In psychology, there is even a scientific name for this effect (Baader-Meinhof effect thanks alcanoid , in the book "Life as a Startup. Build a Career according to the Laws of Silicon Valley" uses the conceptSerendipity ), but I forgot it . With the light hand of that same girl, I will use the definition of "Rule of Blue Mazda."

    In the modern world, we are constantly in a huge information stream, we take something from it, more often - we pass the news through ourselves without thorough analysis, and this is reasonable, otherwise it would be natural to go crazy. It is in this that both the main achievement and the problem of our century of information technologies lie.

    In order to understand simple questions, we:
    a) try to figure it out ourselves based on existing experience or knowledge;
    b) we consult with people whose opinion we trust;
    c) surf the Internet and try to resort to the knowledge of imaginary experts.

    Often this is a mix of all three of the above options. And that is precisely why the search for an answer can drag on, and we can get lost on the way to the intended goal or even get away from it.
    It is then that you need to run the rule "Blue Mazda".

    How it works?

    We take a question / request on which it is necessary to get the most useful information and send it to the masses - social networks, forums, ask friends (even if they have no relation to this). That is, we are thinking about this issue and letting it go without going in cycles. This is important - do not get stuck (psychologically), the desires and questions that you get stuck on do not come true and are never solved. We wait. You do not have to wait long. After a few days, answers or prompts begin to appear around. For example, in social networks topics appear on questions of interest (even if sometimes it is contextual advertising) - they were there before, but we did not notice them. Friends, it turns out, have friends who are somehow connected with a question or topic of interest. It remains only to receive and filter the information received.

    In our time, information is always around us, and it works both ways: we ourselves are information centers for others.

    When I started doing my startup, I had a complete mess in my head, despite the fact that there were goals, a mission, and development paths. Well, it was completely incomprehensible in what order to carry out all the steps outlined! And it seemed to me that the topic of development and promotion of start-ups in Russia is such a fresh, so obscure and not all-interesting topic (yeah, here you can neighing) Then I launched the "Blue Mazda" - sent a request and began to wait for answers. And so I began to receive interesting information, up to advertisements and invitations to trainings on startup development. Quite “by accident”, a friend turned out to have a friend working in the accelerator, and a friend had a friend who launched a crowdfunding company. So I found out that there are not only investors, but also accelerators, business angels and other opportunities.

    Checking the reliability of the information received is, as an option, your own experience and your own cones. Or the most authoritative opinion, but both of them can be erroneous. That is, in any case - you decide what information to use.

    You must understand that the rule of "Blue Mazda" applies specifically to the search for opportunities, paths and tips, and not on the implementation of desires. That is, you are given a fishing rod, and then you yourself use it.
    But Blue Mazda always helps me in obtaining information.

    PS The rule described above is a little trick, using which you will not have to stop there, you can always move on, knowing about the possibilities that are unlimited for you.

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