Gazprom Media will close unprofitable projects and review pending transactions

    Gazprom-Media Holding has launched an optimization program that provides for the closure of non-profitable, irrelevant projects, as well as projects that have competitors within the holding itself. The new management of Gazprom-Media is also currently reviewing pending transactions, Izvestia reported . Transactions deemed unprofitable may not take place. One such transaction is the sale of a 74.7% stake in ZAO Rutube to the state-owned company Rostelecom.

    Three projects that are part of Rutube CJSC, including Rutube, and Zoomby, do not generate income. In addition, these services operate in a declining advertising market. Therefore, most likely, they will receive a new concept of development inside the holding. Rostelecom will work with its own project At the beginning of October last year, the transaction with the assets of Rutube CJSC was estimated at 5.5 billion rubles.

    Earlier, the Zoomby project management planned to unite several content producers at the site. They managed to attract only one partner, VGTRK (now the channel owns 26% of Zoomby). In addition, several different options for the development of the assets of Rutube CJSC are now offered. Most likely, the content on all projects will be the same, although they plan to make the “packaging” different.

    Gazprom-Media needs to revise its policy, as the company suffers losses. Thus, according to SPARK-Interfax, the holding of Gazprom-Media last year for the first time since 2010 received a loss of 446 million. In 2013, the company completed the same financial period with a profit of 1.28 billion rubles. Also in positive territory, she finished both 2012 and 2011 - 636 million and 715 million rubles. The company's shareholders began to demand that all the media that are part of the holding be brought back to the payback level.

    At the end of 2014 there was a change in the management of the holding. So, the head of the board of directors of Gazprom Media has ceded his post to the former head of the organizing committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Russia and the head of Volga Group Dmitry Chernyshenko. With the new leader, a new team of top managers came.

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