IBM invests in its own IoT division

    IoTOn March 31, IBM announced that it would invest $ 3 billion over the next four years in a new IoT ( “Internet of Things” ) business unit . The company will also build an open cloud platform for customers and partners working in this direction.

    At the moment, the corporation is already doing work in related fields related to the practical application of IoT - Smarter Planet and Smarter Cities .

    Using new development tools and cloud structures, IBM plans to reach a broad base of users and partners, with the goal of integrating heterogeneous data from an unprecedented number of sources. All resources will be publicly available to support the development and production of a new generation of devices optimized for IoT.

    A partnership with the Weather Weather Report Company is also announced . Partnership involves moving services to IBM cloud structures.

    As part of the program, IBM will offer:

    • IBM IoT Cloud Open Platform. A platform for companies that provides access to data and analytical services.
    • IBM Bluemix IoT Zone. A service for developers to integrate IoT data.
    • IBM IoT Ecosystem. A partner platform that provides secure and seamless integration of services and solutions on the open IBM platform.

    The unit will be managed by Pat Toole. At the moment, the company is already cooperating with many manufacturers and consumers in the field of IoT application, and is not going to stop on the agreements reached.

    According to IBM experts, already in 2018, cloud, mobile and analytical technologies, as well as solutions in the field of social services and information security will bring companies at least $ 40 billion in revenue.

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